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GraviTrax PRO Giant Set Builds Bigger, Higher, and Faster

GraviTrax is a modular interactive track system that allows you to design and build your own vertical marble runs. Using hexagonal tiles, pillars, transparent walls, balconies, and tracks of different lengths, kids can design and build intricate paths and race marbles against each other.

The newest set, GraviTrax PRO: Giant Set, is absolutely huge and comes with everything you need to build your own exciting, action-packed track systems.

They weren’t kidding when they named it Giant! This set comes with a 24″x48″ building base and over 400 pieces including walls, tunnels, pillars, balconies, curved and junction tiles, straight and curved rails, and special pieces like a loop, scoop, hammer, helix, turntable, and magnetic cannons. 

We all know that siblings are not always known for sharing toys nicely. Fortunately, the sheer number of pieces (and 18 marbles) in the Giant Set is perfect for multiple kids to play at the same time and build higher, faster, more complex layouts than ever before. My only request would have been for a couple more base plates for those larger builds that need more space. 

If this is your first GraviTrax set, you’ve got pretty much everything you could ever want in this one box. But if you already have GraviTrax around the house, all the pieces are compatible with your existing sets, expansion sets, and accessories for for even bigger, faster, and more exciting three-dimensional marble tracks.

First let me say that I appreciate how GraviTrax fosters STEM learning, helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking, and encourages my kids to play and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics. But with summer boredom setting in, I seriously love how much time my kids can spend quietly focused on building different layouts and racing marbles against each other!

The included instruction booklet will help get kids started with sample track layouts, but the real fun is in creating your own. The huge variety of pieces gives kids endless possibilities to create new track designs every time. We are having fun figuring out what all the special pieces do and how to work them into our track, like the loop and turntable. The magnetic cannons are especially cool!

The GraviTrax PRO: Giant Set comes with over 400 elements:

  • (8) 12″x12″ base plates (for 8 square feet of building space)
  • (18) marbles (9 silver, 3 red, 3 green, 3 blue)
  • (2) large transparent bases
  • (2) small transparent bases
  • (16) balconies
  • (4) double balconies
  • (2) long walls
  • (2) medium walls
  • (1) short wall
  • (70) curved tiles
  • (10) junction tiles (X)
  • (2) 3-in-1 tiles
  • (4) Y-intersections/switch tiles
  • (2) vortex tiles
  • (16) basic tiles
  • (2) straight tunnels
  • (4) curved tunnels
  • (2) Y-junction tunnels
  • (2) free-fall inserts
  • (4) catcher inserts
  • (2) splash inserts
  • (2) landing inserts
  • (2) vertical u-turn tunnels
  • (100) large height tiles
  • (32) small height tiles
  • (8) pillars
  • (4) tunnel pillars
  • (9) long rails
  • (18) medium rails
  • (27) short rails
  • (3) curved rails (left)
  • (3) curved rails (right)
  • (2) dipped rails
  • (2) drop rails
  • (2) bent/Bernoulli rails with supports
  • (2) long thin rails
  • (2) long slow rails
  • (2) finish lines
  • (1) 3-way starter
  • (1) spinner
  • (2) magnetic cannons
  • (1) loop
  • (1) scoop
  • (1) hammer
  • (1) vertical splitter (pro)
  • (1) vertical mixer (pro)
  • (1) helix (pro)
  • (1) turntable (pro)

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