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Get the Stink Out with Eco-Friendly VentiFresh

Inspired by the technology NASA uses to keep its International Space Station clean, VentiFresh is an eco-friendly, high-tech odor eliminator three times more effective than baking soda. Just plug it in and the UV photocatalyst technology removes odors on a molecular level. That means instead of covering up bad odours, the VentiFresh breaks them down and gets rid of them. There’s nothing to spill, no perfumes, no potentially irritating ozone.

That all sounds great, but does it actually work? VentiFresh sent us a unit to see if it really lives up to its hype.

Inside the box is the VentiFresh unit, a 3-meter cable, plug, and a reusable, flexible Gel-Pad that attaches the VentiFresh to any clean, flat surface. The unit itself was smaller than I expected. It’s only a couple of inches square, so you can put it just about anywhere as long as there’s a plug nearby. The VentiFresh works best in a small, enclosed area like your trash can, litter box, diaper pail, gym locker, fridge, or shoe closet. It isn’t intended for larger spaces like your living room.

Of course the stinkiest thing in my kitchen is the garbage, especially when I cook any kind of meat. That styrofoam meat tray has to be taken to the outside trash bin right away or the kitchen garbage stinks. Before I got my VentiFresh, I needed to take out the garbage daily. If I was too lazy or forgot to take it out for a couple of days, opening the lid let out a great, big stinky whiff of garbage air. Yuck.

I stuck the VentiFresh on the inside of the lid on my kitchen garbage can and let it do its thing. There’s a sensor on the side that automatically turns on the UV light and fan when the lid is shut, and turns them off when I open the lid. The fan itself is ultra quiet and pretty much inaudible when the lid is down.

In the interest of giving VentiFresh a good workout, I left a raw chicken tray in my kitchen garbage can for nine days. That’s right, that disgusting tray sat in my kitchen for nine days.

Was it gross? Yes.

But did it stink? NO!

I was shocked by the complete lack of any odour at all. Even after a week and a half, I couldn’t smell anything, even right up close. The VentiFresh works. Period.

I had heard that VentiFresh was recognized by the Animal Health and Wellness Awards 2018 as the Best Pet-Friendly Air Purifier, so I loaned my VentiFresh to a good friend of mine with a cat to see what she thought. We set it up in the bin she keeps the used kitty litter in, and after just a couple of hours there was no more eye-watering ammonia smell. She was convinced too!

Since VentiFresh got rid of the ammonia from the kitty litter, I bet this would help with that barnyard ammonia stink from diaper pails too!

The only thing that would make VentiFresh better is the option to use an internal battery instead of plugging it into the wall or using an external battery. I have no idea if it’s even possible, but for continuous use like in my garbage can, an internal battery would save me from having the cord running out the top of my garbage can and along my counter to an outlet.

How Does It Work?

The VentiFresh unit gets rid of odours through the combination of UV photocatalyst technology and a whisper quiet, dust-resistant fan. The fan pulls the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause odour into the unit where they are processed by a nano-grade photocatalyst core energized by UV light.

The oxidation process turns these odour molecules into water and carbon dioxide. The clean, odour-free air then flows out of the unit through the air vents on the sides. Since the VentiFresh works via this safe and eco-friendly chemical reaction instead of a mechanical filter, there’s nothing to be replaced or refilled.

Gift It

Visit VentiFresh’s website to learn more about their odour eliminator. VentiFresh is available on Amazon and ships worldwide!

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