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Funky Fluff Bamboo 2.0 #ClothDiapers Review

As a proudly Canadian mama, I love how Canadian cloth diapers are gaining in popularity and helping make cloth diapering mainstream. Today I’m pleased to feature another great Canadian brand – Funky Fluff! You may have seen these diapers around already. They’re the fun and funktional fusion cloth diapers with the contrasting “belt” of waist snaps. Funky Fluff sent me one of their bamboo diapers and a double pocket wet bag for review.Funky Fluff bamboo diaper and wet bag review

Anatomy of a Funky Fluff Bamboo 2.0 Diaper System

Funky Fluff’s one size Bamboo 2.0 diaper is billed as an AIO (all-in-one), AI2 (all-in-two), and a pocket diaper. It only comes in snaps and each diaper comes complete with two bamboo blend terry soakers – a smaller 4-layer insert and a longer, heavy duty 5-layer insert. The interior lining is bamboo terry, and the outside is waterproof PUL. Funky Fluff offers nine solids and two prints. I reviewed the teal and lime diaper.

This Funky Fluff diaper has 2 rows of 10 waist snaps to adjust the leg and waist sizing, crossover snaps for skinny minnies, and hip snaps to stop wing droop. This is a one size diaper, so the 4 rows of 2 snaps allow you to adjust the rise to fit from 7-35+ pounds.

Funky Fluff's one size diaper has lots of snaps to adjust to fit your baby.

The Funky Fluff Bamboo diapers has a bamboo terry sleeve-style lining that opens at the front and at the back. There’s a PUL strip at the tummy which helps prevent leaks and wicking at the front, especially for tummy sleepers. This diaper comes with a snap at the front and the back to secure the inserts. The front snap is hidden under a large flap.

Funky Fluff's bamboo diaper has front and back snaps to keep your inserts flat and secure.

And here’s how the sizes compare.

Funky Fluff's one size diaper fits from 7-35+ lbs.

Diaper Fit and Performance

I really appreciate it when a diaper comes complete with the insert. The Funky Fluff Bamboo 2.0 diaper comes with two! The smaller soaker fits the newborn and small size settings and can also be used as a booster for extra absorbency. The soakers will need to be washed 3-4 times before using to remove natural oils and reach full absorbency.

This diaper can be used in 3 different ways. As an AIO, tuck the insert into the pocket and snap it in at the front and back. This all in one style is perfect for grandparents, daycare, or the babysitter. I’ve washed this diaper several times with the inserts snapped in and the snaps held everything together through the wash and dry cycles making it truly all in one.

To use the Funky Fluff as an AI2, lay the insert on top (you can also snap it in to help keep the insert from bunching or shifting). When wet, just replace the insert with a new one and reuse the shell. This is my least favoured option as the lining gets really wet and I don’t like the idea of putting a wet diaper back on my baby. I personally don’t reuse covers if I can’t wipe and dry them between uses. As a pocket diaper, just stuff the sleeve-style pocket with the insert(s).

Funky Fluff diapers can be used as an All-In-One, All-In-2, or pocket diaper.

The Funky Fluff was pretty straightforward to fit on Kay. At 32″ tall and around 27 pounds, she’s on the next to last rise setting (medium). There’s a lot of stretch in the leg elastic, and the squishy bamboo terry keeps the elastic from leaving red marks on Kay’s thighs. Those leg elastics work well to keep in messes, and I haven’t noticed any staining.

Funky Fluff Bamboo diaper review

This diaper is very trim fitting, despite having a wide, easy-to-stuff pocket. The bamboo soakers hold a lot of liquid but are still thin enough to keep the diaper from getting too bulky. Kay’s actually wearing both soakers in these pictures.

I see both pros and cons to the bamboo terry lining. While I prefer having more natural fibers against Kay’s skin (it’s still 20% polyester though), the flip side is that they take longer to dry. I usually hang dry my diapers inside, and this diaper takes over 24 hours to dry. In comparison, my microfleece diapers dry within 3-4 hours.

I love that bamboo doesn’t pill and feels so soft, but it also feels wet against skin. It also seems to wick more than microfleece or other stay dry materials. We had one leak due to wicking at the leg holes when the soakers were wet (but not completely saturated).

Double Pocket Wet Bag

Funky Fluff's double pocket wet bag comfortably holds 10 diapers. I like wet bags. I use them for everything, not just dirty diapers. Now that it’s summer, I take several with me to the park and splash pad. One for the kids’ wet clothes, another for their water shoes, and a third for dirty diapers. Funky Fluff’s dual compartment wet bag lets me keep clean and dirty items separate and takes the place of two separate bags. Both compartments are waterproof and close with a zipper.

I’ve had other dual compartment wet bags with flat compartments, and once one is filled, there really isn’t room for much of anything else in the other compartment. Funky Fluff has addressed this issue by adding pleats to the outer pocket that allows it to expand out. Smart! Each bag has a built in snap handle for hanging.

This wet bag really does fit 10 diapers as advertised, even when the diapers are stuffed with two inserts! I was able to comfortably fit 8 diapers in the main compartment and 2 in the front. I probably could have even wedged one more in, but I decided not to push it for the sake of the zipper. We’ve never had any issues with leaking or wicking despite filling it with both girls’ wet rashguard shirts.

Final Thoughts

I really like the fit of the Funky Fluff diaper. It’s quite trim, even when stuffed with both included soakers, and the soakers hold a lot of liquid. My personal preference is for the AIO and pocket styles as the interior lining is not wipeable. Unlike some other convertible diapers, the inserts really did stay snapped in when going through my HE washing machine.

I’m undecided about the bamboo terry lining though. I like how soft, and absorbent it is, but it also feels wet against baby’s bum and we experienced wicking around the leg holes from the bamboo fabric on one occasion. Funky Fluff actually offers a stay dry version of this diaper too, so you’ll need to determine which factors are most important to you when deciding which Funky Fluff diaper to get.


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Funky Fluff diapers and wet bags are available to purchase at Bumbini Baby in Canada or Diaper Junction in the US.

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  • We tried a Funky Fluff diaper recently! I was most impressed with the fit. At just over 35lbs, a lot of diapers are tight around my little ones meaty thighs. But this diaper fit so perfect. We are on the largest setting though, and there still seems to be some room to grow. It was also super trim looking. If we were not so late in the game here, I’d snag a few more….
    We have the stay-dry inserts, but since this babe likes to take her clean diapers apart and mix and match while playing, I always end up stuffing this diaper with a padded flat.

  • First off, I LOVE this color!! I am new to cloth diapering and have never heard of this company before! Love that this is an all in one diaper and the wet bag is too cute! Love wet bags…you can use them for so many things!!

  • I am new to cloth diapering and it was great to read your review. I am not as familiar with bamboo but it sounds like they would be excellent for working with. I am interested in the AIO for ease of use, and love how these are one size fits all and can grow with baby. Thanks for the excellent insight.

  • I like how you can use this diaper in 3 different ways. I would most likely use it as a pocket and an AI2 (if I don’t feel like stuffing it). I’m with you in not reusing covers with linings, I prefer covers I can wipe and air dry too.

  • I would really like to give these ones a try. I am really new to cloth. I think these will be the next ones I try. The birds pattern is so cute.

  • I love that the wetbag can replace two of the ones you typically use, I also love that the diaper functions in multiple ways. I wanted to try out funky fluff before especially with the fact that rump arounds are my fav. and they are Canadian made as well. You’ve def. made a very compelling review and I’m even more sure I’d like to give these a shot.

  • I has no idea there were snaps to hold the insert in place! Thanks for the excellent review so I could expand my CD knowledge. I know was to buy some funky fluff.

  • I really like the fact that the wet bag has pleats on one of the compartments. With my current wet/dry bag, if one side is stuffed there in not much room left in the other side even if it’s empty.

    Totally digging the birds print – it is too cute!

  • Such a beautiful color. I’m impressed that it can be used in a few different ways. I love products with versatility and I hear nothing but good about these diapers!

  • We just started my 6 month old son on cloth diapers 2 weeks ago! I would love to add this to our stash. We are new to cloth diapering and I seem to learn something new every day. Bamboo would be awesome to try.

  • I love that the new 2.0s can be purchased with your choice of inserts. My perfect combo of the Funky Fluff diaper is the Stay Dry shell with bamboo insert. I use them as pocket diapers and they are SO trim. I love that I don’t have to unstuff the diaper before I toss them in the pail for wash day, the inserts agitate out in my HE FL with no issues!

  • I’m expecting with my first and plan on cloth diapering. It’s taken me a few months of research to learn about cloth diapering and I’m only at the tip of the iceberg on brands and styles so this review has been very helpful for me. I’ve heard that bamboo does a wonderful job of wicking away moisture and the extra hip snaps make Funky Fluff a diaper I definitely want to try! 🙂

  • These look amazing!! I can’t wait to try them … I’ve tried different cloth diapers and none of the quite convince me but these look awesome.

  • I love all the options for this diaper. The newborn setting looks like it wouldn’t be too high of a rise for a new little. I have been looking for a trim one size that will fit baby number 3 in January and I can still use with my son. Also LOVE the wet bag! I really really like the pleats in the front pocket, so smart!

  • I am new to cloth diapering and it was great to read your review. some day soon i hope to try one of these beautiful diapers

  • I just started cloth diapering, so all of this is new to me. We currently only use pockets, but I love that this diaper can be used in so many ways. That is really cool.

  • The colors are so rich and vibrant. But, what interests me most about these diapers is their versatility. I prefer pockets, but my husband likes AIOs. It’s a win win!

  • These are such great diapers! They fit my skinny two month old really well. And I love how soft the fabric is!

  • Thanks for the information on the bamboo. We haven’t started with cloth yet (still waiting on the baby), but I had been leaning towards bamboo. I’m thinking I may want to try one or two before committing though. What is your feeling on how these will actually fit at the newborn size? Based on history, I’m likely to have a big baby, so I hate to spend too much on newborn sized diapers.

    • Keeping in mind I don’t have a newborn to try it on with, I would say that this looks true to their claimed 7-35 pounds, depending on the baby’s proportions. The leg holes on the smallest rise with crossover snaps looks like it would probably fit around 7-8 pounds. If you have bigger babies (8lbs.+), I think you’d probably be fine. There is no snap down or cutout for the umbilical cord though.

  • These diapers are my favourite! I love the fit, versatility, and choice of fabrics. Plus they’re just so cute!!! I’m a big fan of Funky Fluff!

  • I was going to ask how it could possibly be an aio and an ai2 at three same time, but you answered that! It says a lot about the quality that the inserts stayed in through the wash and dryer!

  • You have a wonderful page here, with lots of great information. Love your pictures, and your diagrams, they are very helpful.

  • I only recently tried Funky Fluff and find that they are a great diaper. they are a good fit and very versatile. .. and to top it off comes in wonderfully funky colours. The review provides a great overview of anyone wishing to trying them. Loving the pictures.

  • I’ve bought a stay dry Funky Fluff and they feel so much better than the cheaper ones I’ve bought. I’m still waiting on baby, but just from feels, they seem like quality!

  • We’ve just moved into a house with our own washer and dryer, whereas we’d been living in an apartment complex with shared washing for the past 6 years. Our elder child is nearly potty trained, but we’re really wanting to start using cloth diapers with our 5 month old, and I”m feeling at a loss for where to start, with all the different kinds out there. Your review helped me understand a few concepts that I’d been foggy on, so thank you!

  • Wouldn’t washing the diaper with the inserts snapped in place (as an AIO) cause some additional tugging wash wear to the diaper in the long haul? All the diapers I have that can snap inserts in place recommend unsnapping before washing.

    • Hmm, I think if the insert is stuffed in the pocket and snapped at the front and the back as an AIO, that would not be much of a concern. But I could see it being an issue if you only snapped the insert on one side (leaving the other end to agitate freely and get yanked around in the wash.) Good point!

  • I swear by these diapers! I had the same wicking issues but was able to resolve it by stuffing the diaper differently. That’s what’s great about funky fluff- you can customize the diaper to work best for your child’s needs. The ladies at funky fluff are also amazing at helping to troubleshoot any issues

  • love our ff cd’s! i started my stash with a variety of brands but if i could go back and do it over again, i would by ff only! would love to try the bamboo in purple and green!

  • Thank you for all the pictures to explain the diaper. It helps me understand the differences between the pockets, AIO and AI2. This diaper looks great and I would love to try one out on my little one.

  • I love the snaps to secure the insert! How cool is that. I also love that it can either be an aio/ai2 or pocket diaper. OMG how awesome.

  • I just purchased the owl print wetbag in a seconds sale, as well as some 1.0s. I won a 2.0, and I love them all! I really like the bambo inserts and how trim they are, and they work well in the stay dry dipes, as well. I think I will get a long life out of these dipes, as they are still on the newborn rise setting for my 12 lb 3 mo old, and fit perfectly.

  • Thanks for your honest review. I was really excited to try bamboo with some WAHM diapers I ordered, but I am NOT thrilled with the dry time either! I’m leaning more towards the microfiber inserts as they seem to be less mess and clean up better in the wash. I’m still a newbie though. I’ve been following Funky Fluff’s bst group in Facebook and I’m in love with their style!

  • Thank you for takingthe time to write this review it was extremely helpful and I will be purchasing some funky Fluff soon!

  • I love that you can use this diaper as an AIO, a pocket or an AI2! I also love the bright colors it comes in!

  • I’ve never heard of Funky fluff before today. I love that these diapers can be used so many different ways. I have 6 or 7 different brands, and am still looking for the “perfect” one. I prefer the natural fibers to the synthetic, even with the increased drying time, but I agree about the wetness factor (yuck!) What about using a liner to keep the wet off her bottom? Your little one is adorable, btw!

  • As a line-dryer I agree that the bamboo takes forever to dry! The stay dry ones I find are a little bulkier but take much less time on the line. Both are great diapers though and I love that they’re aCanadian company 🙂

  • I love the snap system for the liners. I’ve only ever used AppleCheeks and AMP and sometimes i wish i could keep the liners in place better now that my daughter moves around a lot through diaper changes!

  • I have a couple of the Bamboo Funky Fluff diapers and LOVE them. our littlest one is long and skinny and these diapers fit her wonderfully, work even for night time, and are trim enough to not give her a cowgirl stance 🙂

  • I love Canadian products (my stash is mostly Ella Bella Bum and AppleCheeks), but I’ve yet to try a Funky Fluff! I love how they size all the way down to newborn, I need to see it in real life! 🙂

  • I have been wanting to try Funky Fluff for awhile now! It’s too bad that the terry liner doesn’t keep the baby feeling dry, guess I will have to try the StayDry type instead… thank you for your review!