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Fresh Board Games for Spring

If you’ve been around here for a while, then you probably know that our family is really into board games, and that I love to share the fun games we’re playing with you! These fresh game releases from Asmodee are perfect for putting down the screens and spending more family time together this spring.

Collect fruit, bluff your friends, role-play aspects of an accused bank robber’s personality, or work together to solve a dark mystery. Whether you’re looking for a fun 15-minute activity with younger children or a lengthier strategy session with your teens, there’s something here for all ages. I hope you find a new family favourite on this list and plan for more family fun together!

Monki is a push-your-luck game where you must collect enough fruit to become king. You could opt to collect multiple fruits during your turn, but beware: if you discover two identical fruits, you won’t collect anything this turn. Take risks but be careful — greed could play tricks on you!

2 players | Ages 6+ | 15 minutes

Skull is a fun party game of bluffing, deducing, and out-thinking your friends. If you want to best your opponents, you must bluff, lie and pierce the deceptions that surround the flowers. Each turn, you may either add another disc to your pile or bet how many flowers you can reveal without revealing a skull. Be wary — if you reveal a skull, the consequences are dire! With its simple rules, original design, and fun-filled gameplay, Skull will quickly become a staple of your game nights.

3-6 players | Ages 10+ | 15-30 minutes

Voices in My Head is a genre-blending board game that mixes strategy, area control, dexterity, and hidden roles into an experience that is unlike anything players have seen before, all while creating a humorous tone of a court case going off the rails.

Guy Johnson robbed a bank, and now he is on trial. Most players control aspects of his personality, each with a unique goal like being acquitted or admitting Guy’s guilt. These players decide how Guy acts during the trial and what he says when questioned on the stand. A unique story unfolds each game as personas work to achieve their goals. Besides Guy’s personas, one player is the prosecutor trying to convict Guy. They’ll do this by playing trial cards to call witnesses, present evidence, and grill Guy on the stand. With each card played, a struggle occurs in Guy’s subconscious where personas vie for control on a unique 3D game board.

3-6 players | Ages 12+ | 60-120 minutes

Bureau of Investigation: Investigations in Arkham & Elsewhere is a cooperative game using the Sherlock Holmes Detective Council system. Players try to solve mysterious cases by traveling through Boston neighborhoods in search of clues. Team up and follow the clues, read newspapers, analyze the scenes and, according to your instinct, investigate the suspects sneakily or question them face to face. Five new investigations set in the 1920s bring new mechanisms that immerse players in this dark atmosphere, faithful to the tortured spirit of Lovecraft.

1-8 players | Ages 14+ | 90+ minutes

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