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Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

Fisher-Price Little People sure have come a long way. I still remember those little plastic peg people I played with some 30 odd years ago. Recognize these?

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People

Fisher Price Little People” by m01229 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

So when I had kids, of course they had Little People playsets and figures of their own. My girls inherited a classic farm set and a Lil’ Kingdom castle from their older cousin, and they love the zoo train and pirate ship too. Even though the look has changed over the years, the imagination and creative fun has not. 

We recently had the chance to check out Fisher-Price’s brand new Little People Animal Friends Farm. This updated farm playset comes with Farmer Eddie, a hay bale, and a full complement of six farm animal friends: cow, goat, chicken, horse, sheep, and pig.

Animal Friends Farm
Open the barn door and gate to hear animal sounds and a brief musical clip of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. The entire set folds up and latches securely with all the figures safely inside, and the little handle on top allows either of my kids to easily tote the farm around. The on-off switch is on the bottom and easily accessible to little ones. There is no volume control, but I doubt you’ll find the farm sounds too loud.

Animal Friends Farm and details

One of my pet playset peeves is setting it up and realizing we don’t have enough figures to actually play with it. Luckily, this one comes with Little People Farmer Eddie and six farm animals, plenty to play with and share between my two girls.

playing with the Animal Friends Farm

The box says the farm is best for ages one to five, and my two-year-old and almost five-year-old both had a great time playing with this. Kay liked matching up the animals with their pictures and their corresponding sounds, and Tee loved making up stories about all the animals and their adventures on the farm. Here’s Tee introducing Farmer Eddie to the cow. E-I-E-I-O!

The farmer and the cow

The new Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm is available to purchase at and Amazon. But one lucky reader will win this toy instead!

Win a Little People Animal Friends Farm

Win a Little People Animal Friends Farm (CAN, 3/16)

Fisher-Price is generously offering one This West Coast Mommy reader an Animal Friends Farm set of their own! Enter to win in the giveaway widget below. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada only, 18+. All entries will be verified.

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  • My children always loved playing with fisher Price Toys. They love the animal farm and Noah’s Ark – thanks!

  • I remember playing with Fisher-Price toys as a child, when I was a babysitter as a teenager, with my own children in my 20’s, and now with my grandson! That’s a lot of playing! 😉

  • My baby brother has the Fisher Price farm from about 18 years ago…..his favorite toy! I still have the classic phone.

  • We have a big collection of vintage Fisher Price toys! I love how durable they are (these are toys purchased on Ebay that are 20 or even 30 years old) and how they encourage creative play.

  • I was always envious of my friends’ Little People sets. My favorite was playing with the barn set at a friend’s house.

  • I remember playing with their camper, aframe house and barn. I remember because my kids now play with them too. Hoping they last yet another generation.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  • My aunt saved all her old little people like the school house and playground and the house. It was fun to watch my kids okay with the same toys we did as kids.

  • My son is playing with a hand me down FP musical walker and a school bus that we got from our in-laws. It really is great that they are so sturdy, durable and timeless.

  • the learning centre I take my 2 year old has the older version of this farm, and it is the first toy he goes to! Would love to get it for home! 🙂

  • we have fond memories of all the Fisher Price sets, Sesame Street kit is still in our basement ready for the next generation

  • II I have seen my grandchildren playing with them. I have always thought this was a wonderful toy for little ones.

  • My mother-in-law gave my little daughter an adorable Little People nativity scene this past Christmas, and she really loved it and kept playing with it! Can’t wait to get it back out next Christmas!

  • Bought a second-hand set off a neighbour for a Christmas present for my little cousin… we love to make up stories that the little people are going through. Some are rather scandalous. Once upon a time, Martha was courting Bob and Bob was found visiting Amy’s house… ohh, the drama that ensued.

  • I remember my A-Frame house. I loved it! I also remember having weebles…loved those as well. It’s so great to be able to get my children the same toys that I played with!

  • My brothers had the barn (and the circus train and a railroad set) and I got the house for Christmas one year. My mom still has them somewhere — she wouldn’t get rid of them because they were such classic toys!

  • I love playing with Fisher Price toys with my kids. My son has a smaller, older little people barn that he loves to play with. He swings open the barn gate repeatedly until it plays the song he likes, then he’ll dance around until the song is over and repeat this process again and again! It never fails to make me laugh 🙂

  • i can remember buying this toy for my son when he was just a toddler. We had so much fun with it that I know my niece will appreciate it just as much

  • We have the same exact little people as your picture above. My mom kept our little people houses and people from when my and my brother was babies in the 90’s LOL. Except now, the little people are faded but my mom is still able to put them on his fingers! He loves them 🙂

  • My Grand Daughter loves playing with her little people set (farm,house,castle) and i can just sit and watch her play using her imagination is so cute

  • My Mom saved all,our originals which includes the farm and the barn door still moos when you open it. The grandkids and many little cousins have enjoyed my original Fisher Price toys. The stand the test of time and kids still love them

  • I remember playing with Little People with my own kids and now it only makes sense as a new Nana to get down on all fours and play with my OWN little people, my grand daughters! 🙂 thank you!