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Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

Fisher-Price Little People sure have come a long way. I still remember those little plastic peg people I played with some 30 odd years ago. Recognize these?

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People

Fisher Price Little People” by m01229 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

So when I had kids, of course they had Little People playsets and figures of their own. My girls inherited a classic farm set and a Lil’ Kingdom castle from their older cousin, and they love the zoo train and pirate ship too. Even though the look has changed over the years, the imagination and creative fun has not. 

We recently had the chance to check out Fisher-Price’s brand new Little People Animal Friends Farm. This updated farm playset comes with Farmer Eddie, a hay bale, and a full complement of six farm animal friends: cow, goat, chicken, horse, sheep, and pig.

Animal Friends Farm
Open the barn door and gate to hear animal sounds and a brief musical clip of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. The entire set folds up and latches securely with all the figures safely inside, and the little handle on top allows either of my kids to easily tote the farm around. The on-off switch is on the bottom and easily accessible to little ones. There is no volume control, but I doubt you’ll find the farm sounds too loud.

Animal Friends Farm and details

One of my pet playset peeves is setting it up and realizing we don’t have enough figures to actually play with it. Luckily, this one comes with Little People Farmer Eddie and six farm animals, plenty to play with and share between my two girls.

playing with the Animal Friends Farm

The box says the farm is best for ages one to five, and my two-year-old and almost five-year-old both had a great time playing with this. Kay liked matching up the animals with their pictures and their corresponding sounds, and Tee loved making up stories about all the animals and their adventures on the farm. Here’s Tee introducing Farmer Eddie to the cow. E-I-E-I-O!

The farmer and the cow

The new Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm is available to purchase at and Amazon. But one lucky reader will win this toy instead!

Win a Little People Animal Friends Farm

Win a Little People Animal Friends Farm (CAN, 3/16)

Fisher-Price is generously offering one This West Coast Mommy reader an Animal Friends Farm set of their own! Enter to win in the giveaway widget below. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada only, 18+. All entries will be verified.

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  • I had a lot of the fisher Price toys when I was a little girl and my favourite was the record player, my girls when they were little liked the little people

  • as kids my brothers and I had lots of Fisher Price toys, I remember being fascinated with the popper push toy and loved the little phone with the rolling eyes! My kids also had the same toys!

  • We lived in Germany when my kids were little and it was ever so popular there. We had quite a few different toys from Fisher Price, some bought 2nd hand. The kids played for hours with them and they not only outlasted my kids (and who ever owned them before in some cases) but were then handed on to other children when mine outgrew them.

  • We didn’t have much growing up but I do remember having all the classic Fisher Price toys. We had the farm and my mom donated it to the nursery school where she taught after we had aged out of it. When my mom retired, she brought the farm home and now my kids play with it!

  • I remember playing with my little brothers Little People farm he had the whole barnyard of animals it was so much fun I can remember pretending I was the doctor to them I did not know what you called it at the time!

  • I played with the Fisher Price barn as a kid too. My younger daughter loves all her Fisher Price little people. Her favorite is the bus and the plane.

  • My children had many Fisher Price Toys I still have the record player and a Western playhouse with that my son played with for hours.

  • My oldest son had several sets, and would spend hours setting them up and playing. His favourite was the Farm, and mine was the Western Town! And I have to say–I do like the original people better.

  • I remember my Fisher Price garage, school and playground. I was a spoiled child and had a lot of toys but I would say Fisher Price was my main love.

  • I loved the Little People Airport set most–so much fun for myself and my siblings growing up! My sister loved the house the best.

  • My mom kept some of my old toys so not only do I have memories playing with them as a kid but I get to make new ones with my own daughter.

  • I totally had the same ones as in the first picture! I remember playing with the one in the red ball cap and his little green tricycle!

  • My son got his first little peoples car this Christmas. He loves his little fire truck, I have to start him on a collection now!

  • I had the old farm similar to the one that’s being given away. I remember spending hours with my brother playing with the barn and all the animals!

  • I remember playing with the farm and the schoolhouse when I was little, they were a couple of my favourite toys. I am sure if I searched my parents house I could still find them.

  • I have two of the four people at the top of your post from when I was a kid–I’ve now passed them on to my son who loves playing with them in the little bus they came with.

  • Where to start? There were so many I remember. My Fisher Price record player was a favourite. Also my Fisher Price Music Box TV that played “Row Row Row Your Boat”. And I had one of those FP camera’s that showed pictures from the zoo. Loved all of those toys!

  • I recall having this exact set when I was young and even bought it for my boys at one point! Such a classic!

  • We used to have the Little People hospital- used to play with them for hours. My kids currently like to play at their great aunties house with the LP castle, bus and plane that used to be my hubbys when he was little.

  • My brothers and sisters used to play with the linkable blocks when they were little. And my kids have loved playing with Little People since they came out. πŸ™‚

  • My best friend and I used to play with the Fisher Price Farm Set (I forget the actual name for it) when I was a kid; we spent a lot of time with the school’s set, on the floor, just pretending, laughing and making good memories.

  • I remember playing with fisher price as a child and all five of my boys have played with fisher price. The toys stand the test of time. My youngest son still plays with some of the toys that belonged to my oldest son when he was little including a chatter phone. My oldest son is 20! And I remember having a chatter phone when I was little although mine was wooden and not plastic.

  • I still have my daughters Little Peoples Farm that her and I use to play with when she was little. I also have her Little Peoples Castle. I still play with these Little People toys when the grandchildren come to visit!!!

  • I remember playing with the Little People sets we had the house and the school and I remember having the school bus and the little merry go round. I remember we used to think it was funny to spin the merry go round as fast as we could to see how long the little people could stay in it before they flew out. They did not have little seat belts yet. And I seem to remember a little helicopter too. Us kids used to love those Little People sets.

  • My sister used to steal potatoes from the kitchen and hide them in my Little People magic schoolbus! My mum still tells people about it, nearly 30 years later πŸ™‚

    Also my daughter got her first Little Peoples playset for her first birthday yesterday, and she loves it…seh got a redheaded Little Person, and she’s a redhead, and she’s delighted. She carries her around all day.

  • I remember my kids playing with the Fisher Price House (1st edition) and the barn with all the animals.

  • I can still remember playing with the old Little People school house at my Nanny & Pops house. In fact they still have it for their great grandchildren to play with.

  • I remember playing with the Fisher Price Activity Center with my brothers every time we went to our grand parents house

  • I don’t remember playing with Little People as a kid, but my sons and I love them now! We have their airplane and school bus. I’ve been wanting to get them a farm or house, so this would be perfect. Thank you!

  • I remember buying Little People for my niece and nephew when they were little (like 10 years ago!)

  • I had so many Fisher Price toys as a kid. I still have my Baby Soft Sounds that I got when I was 5 and now my kids play with her.

  • I DO remember the wooden peg people and I’m pretty sure that my sister still has at least one in a box of our kid toys! I also played Little People with my baby brother back in the early 2000’s. I definitely plan on my daughter playing with them, too! We already have a few of their books!

  • fisher price toys are few in my house but the ones i did have i played with often and they lasted until now ..40 years later ..i loved the phone with the eyes that blinked when you pulled it