Ergobaby Original Carrier #Babywearing Review

As a mom of two, I get asked fairly often which piece of baby gear I consider to be the most essential or to suggest a baby shower gift. I always recommend a baby carrier. To me, this is one of the most important must-have pieces of baby gear. A good carrier will serve you well from those first newborn days right through to toddlerhood. From walking your colicky newborn around at two in the morning, to grocery shopping with a sleeping infant, to nursing your baby on the go, to running errands with a toddler, and then pretty much anything you have to do when you have an older child along too. A carrier saves your arms, your back, and your sanity!

I received this Ergobaby Original Carrier for review, courtesy of Rose ou Bleu, a premier baby boutique and online store based in Quebec, Canada. The Ergobaby’s award-winning ergonomic design fits babies 7-45 pounds and can be used for front, back, or hip carries.

Ergobaby Original Carrier in Night Sky print

Ergobaby Original Carrier Features:
  • 100% cotton shell and lining
  • 3 carry positions: front, back and hip
  • Baby weight range: 7*-45 lb. (3.2*–20 kg) *newborn with infant insert
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist belt
  • Large zippered storage pocket
  • 5 position adjustable hood
  • Stitching: reinforced at all fabric intersections for extra durability
  • Shoulder strap length range: 24”-44” (61cm-112cm)
  • Waist belt circumference range: 26”-55” (66cm-140cm)
  • Shoulder strap padding: 1” high density PU foam
  • Designed in the USA

Ergobaby Original Carrier Design and Performance

The Ergobaby is designed for use with babies and children 7-45 pounds. If you have a newborn or younger baby, this carrier does require you to use an infant insert you can either purchase separately or in a bundle. Ergobaby recommends using the insert until your baby is 4-6 months old. At 20 months old and 26 pounds, Kay is long past the point of needing the insert, but you will need to factor that cost into your purchasing decision if you’re expecting or if you have a younger baby.

I love love love the look of the Night Sky print I received. It’s neutral enough to go with anything I wear, appropriate for either a girl or a boy, and easily worn by mom or dad. The stars are embroidered, not printed on. The 100% cotton canvas is machine washable (thank heavens – babies are messy!), though I would suggest spot washing whenever you can.

The shoulder straps are nice and thickly padded and never dig in to my shoulders or under my arms. The shoulder straps and waist belt are fully adjustable, and the chest clip adjusts length-wise as well as slides up and down the shoulder straps to fit any wearer comfortably. There’s plenty of room in the straps to fit just about everyone. Each strap comes with a little elastic to tie up the excess webbing so it doesn’t get in your way.

Here’s a quick look at the inside of this carrier. Oh my, I love that fabric!

Inside of an Ergobaby Original Carrier

Here’s Kay in a front carry. I’ll probably need to switch her around to my back soon, but at this point we both prefer the front. I love all the face-to-face interaction we get in this position. Lately she’s taken to reaching out and gently pulling my face down so she can give me kisses. It’s the most heart meltingly cute thing I’ve ever experienced.

Ergobaby Original Carrier Babywearing Review - front carry with 20 month old, 26 lbs.

You can see in the photo that Kay is sitting in an ergonomically correct position with her thighs supported and her knees up. This seated position is optimum to protect her hips and spine. The carrier itself is lightly padded, including along the edges of the seat which keeps them from digging in to little baby thighs. The Ergobaby Carrier is designed to distribute baby’s weight evenly between my hips and shoulders. After a brief breaking in period, the Ergobaby feels very comfortable to wear even for periods over an hour (remember she’s 26 pounds). Kay feels securely held against me, and she seems comfortable in there.

I also wanted to show you a back carry and how the Ergobaby fits an older child, so here I am wearing my 4 year old who weighs in at 36 pounds. And there’s still some room to grow there! Again, notice Tee’s seated position that puts the weight on her sit bones, right where it should be.

Ergobaby Original Carrier Babywearing Review - back carry with 4 year old, 36 lbs.

Tee thought it was fun to ride on Mommy’s back, but she soon wanted to get down so she could get back to running and climbing and getting into everything as usual. I haven’t worn her regularly for a couple of years now, but if you have a heavier toddler, a late bloomer, or a special needs child who is less mobile, the Ergobaby is a great option because it fits up to 45 pounds.

The Ergobaby Carrier comes with an adjustable hood to support baby’s head while sleeping, shield her from the sun, or to provide some privacy while nursing. It’s non-detachable, and there’s a little pocket in front to tuck it into when it’s not being used. On the one hand, this means that you’ll never lose the hood or forget where you put it (because I would never do a thing like that!). On the other hand, Kay rarely falls asleep in the carrier anymore and won’t tolerate the hood over her head, so it would be nice to be able to put it away, especially as the hood doesn’t usually stay stuffed in the pocket when I take off the carrier.

Finally, I love the large storage pocket on the front. None of my other carriers have this. It’s roomy enough to carry essentials like keys, a phone, cash, cards, and a tube of lipstick.

Nobody’s Perfect

Now on to a couple of things I didn’t like as much. I’m not a fan of the placement of the buckle on the waistband. The Ergobaby buckles on the side instead of in the back, and I find it awkward to do up and to take off. I end up having to twist the carrier around my waist, which annoyingly also twists my shirt around. Even after a solid month of use, I just can’t get used to having that buckle on the side.

You may have noticed that I didn’t show you a hip carry. Honestly, I just couldn’t get it to feel comfortable or natural, and Kay didn’t like it either. Personally, I never use a hip carry as it inevitably throw my back and pelvis out of alignment. I’ve had problems with back pain and back spasms for years, so while a hip carry is still ergonomic for baby, it certainly isn’t for me. Your mileage may vary, of course. I’m sure there are plenty of parents who love having the option of a hip carry.

Final Thoughts

A good quality carrier is an investment, and you want to purchase the right one for you. Ergobaby makes one of the most popular carriers out there, and I can understand why. I love the beautiful prints these carriers come in, and I was impressed by the Ergobaby’s wide weight range and ability to accommodate front, back, and hip carries all in one carrier. Its ergonomic design allowed me to wear both my girls – aged 20 months and 4 years – comfortably and without any back strain.

The Ergobaby adjusts 3 ways to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes, but the bottom line is that different carriers fit different people, well, differently. Your best bet is to try on several carriers to determine which one meets your needs best and fits you most comfortably. Most stores will let you try them on to see how they feel, and if you’re in Montreal, be sure to stop by Rose ou Bleu to test drive their carriers and get a little advice on the best carrier for you.


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The Ergobaby Original Carrier retails for $124.99. The infant insert retails separately for $29.99, but you can buy them together in a Bundle of Joy for $144.99. Rose ou Bleu carries the Original, Organic, and Performance Ergobaby Carriers, as well as an extensive collection of quality baby products. Browse their online store and shop safely. Remember that shipping is FREE with all orders over $150 before taxes or gift cards.

Disclosure: I received a sample item for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I like the colors of this carrier, it looks nice and sharp. We had an ergo performance carrier that I used with my second son, he loved it. Unfortunately my daughter hated it so we use a Boba carrier with her and she likes that a lot better.

  • I have this very same ergo. I love it so very much. and i am glad that it allows me to show MY style while still being an awesome baby wearing mama!

  • Love everything about this carrier! I have heard such great things about the Ergo and never owned one…yet! I would love to have this carrier and be able to use it daily with my little one! It looks comfortable for baby and for the wearer. I think with this print my husband would also enjoy baby wearing as well.

  • An excellent way to keep baby or toddler occupied while running after the older sibling. This also provides the body to body contact that all children need.

  • This is a wonderful review – very detailed. It looks like an amazing product – I am definitely considering an Ergo as my first baby carrier. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this review! I never baby-wore with my first kid, but I will need to for sure with my second. I like that this one can be worn so many different ways – and for such a wide range of weight!

  • I’ve heard so many good things about the Ergobaby – I’d love to try one. I’m impressed you could comfortably carry your 4 year old too!

  • I don’t know anyone who doesn’t rave about their Ergo. I love how many options there are available (organic/original, styles, fabrics etc). All around seems like a great carrier

  • I think i would enjoy owning a carrier like this,the color is great and it sure looks comfy for the little ones

  • I like that this carrier goes up to 45 lb. Does it have foot straps available, like the Boba 3G?

    The star pattern is gorgeous (and I don’t usually like black!)

    I’ve never tried a hip carry, but would be interested in trying one. I don’t know if it would be very comfortable for me, though.

  • I like Ergo a lot, especially this carrier. It is a great style and I love the material. Thanks for the review.

  • I really would have loved this carrier when my kids were small, it is so nice, comfy, and the hands free is priceless when you have things to do or places to go. I would love to get one for my nephew’s daughter that is an awesome baby. Thank you for sharing this review:)

  • I so love this carrier as it is built perfectly for those who have back issues that it wont put pressure on one area it would be distributed so that it does not bring on pain I so love this great giveaway indeed

  • Wonderful site and very informative write-up. Thank you for the opportunity to win the Ergo Baby Carrier! So exciting!

  • I have the grey version if this carrier but I must say I like the look of this one more. 🙂 also worth mentioning, I have a friend who has used two at once with a 3yr old on her back and young baby on the front. Not obviously workable for everyone but for some with smaller (or even twin) babies it might be an option. I have no idea though if ergo would recommend it…

  • On the Ergo, I like that the chest strap can move up and down (or back strap depending on if the babe is on the front or the back). I didn’t know how important this was until I started to use my Boba and find it really cuts in where it wants to sit naturally.

  • What a great detailed review. I like that they have such a high weight limit. I love knowing that I could still cary my current 16 month old for a few more YEARS if we wanted.

  • I’ve never seen a carrier worn hip carry before ever… I don’t really get how it would dot, but I’d try it out if I had one.

    (Side note: thanks for offering up a real review, not just a shameless plug for free products)

  • I had heard wonderful things about the ergo baby carrier and wish i would’ve considered baby wearing with my first child. Now I really have my hands full with a toddler and new baby. I could really use this carrier to simplify things for the whole family. This carrier looks like something even my husband would be convinced to wear 😉

  • Your review is very detailed which is much appreciated! Great review! I have friends that have an Ergo and absolutely live it. I am a petite woman and am not sure how it would fit my frame. I am currently breaking in a Boba 3g and it is very stiff! Not a fan of this stiffness, and it pulls on my shoulders. I wonder how this compares for padding in the shoulders and comfort?

    • I happen to have a Boba 3G too, and I compared the shoulder straps. The Ergo looks to have slightly wider padding and the padding extends about 2 inches further down the strap. I’ve found all the carriers I’ve ever tried to be a bit stiff the first little while. After I put about 10 hours or so on it, the straps and canvas soften and shape themselves to my body, and the carrier feels way more comfortable.

  • My carrier is a wrap and while I love its versatility, I’ve wondered if an Ergo might be an easier option when my LO doesn’t want to wait for me to tie it up. I’mm not sure whether the buckles would slow me down more or less! I do like that you can wear the Ergo on the front, back or hip, so there is still some versatility. Plus, I bet it’s easier to put on outside – no risk of tails trailing in the dirt!

    • I used a wrap with my babe when she was younger, and yes it is quicker to use an SSC like the Ergo. But the wrap is lighter and easier to stuff in my diaper bag, so it’s a trade off.

  • Looks like a great carrier- like that the weight range is higher- no idea if I’ll still be wearing my little guy at 35-45 pounds, but it’s nice to have as an option

  • I’ve heard such great things about these carriers. I love how you can use it on back or front. It looks comfy and safe for baby. Great print, too. I’d love to try one.

  • We have a woven wrap and stretchy wrap for our 7 month old 14lb little one so back carries are still really tricky. A buckle carrier would be much easier to get her on my back. As Olivia said, the ergo keeps the babies hips in correct position which is obviously a must for us!

  • great review. I’ve heard so many good things about the ergo carrier. It seems to be everyone’s favourite!

  • I’ve been really intrigued by baby carrying especially because I’m a first time mom. I like how comprehensive this review was explaining the things that make this product great and popular.It does seem like it is carefully designed to suit baby and mommy’s bodies.

  • Excellent review. I totally get what you mean on the buckle being on the side. I have yet to do a back carry with my little one but I can see how that would be really hard to do!

  • I love my Ergo!! I used a sling with my son for the first few months and then switched to an Ergo. He’s almost three and I still fold it up and bring it anytime I know we’ll have a long day of walking (like at the zoo). He loves to be close and it distributes his weight so well, I don’t feel pain in my back. Min has the waist buckle at the back. The change of the buckle placement must be on the newer models. The Ergo is the one thing I tell all new moms they must have!!! 🙂

  • First of all, I love the look of that baby carrier! That pattern is so cute!
    Most of all, I love that it holds the baby in the correct position. So important for their little growing bodies!

    Thank you for the review!

  • I love that this carrier does such a good job of carrying babies properly, and that it looks pretty comfy for parents too!

  • this carrier would help me tremendously so I don’t have to pull out the stroller for a quick run into the store

  • I love that the straps are padded and doesn’t dig into the shoulders. I think that’s key when carrying a heavier baby or even a toddler. I really like that it can be used as a front carry and a back carry! Great review!