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Easter Treats from Hasbro

Looking for some great non-candy Easter gift ideas? I’ve already mentioned that I’d like to minimize the amount of sugar going into my kids this weekend. They’re already getting treats from Grandma and from school, so I don’t really see the need to give them yet more candy and chocolate. This year I looked to Hasbro instead for some Easter fun treats without the sweet. I picked one special toy for each of my girls.

Mousetrap Game

 Mousetrap is a fun Easter gift from Hasbro.

Snap the trap and win at Mousetrap! Run through the maze as Sneakers Mouse, Nacho Mouse or Pepper Mouse spins on the cheesy spinner. When one of your friends’ mouse is in the cheesy trap area and you land on the right space, you’ve got a chance to catch them in the zany trap made of Hungry Hippo and Girafalaff contraptions. Keep scurrying and scampering until someone gets caught. If you’re the first to trap a mouse, you win!

Did you play Mousetrap when you were a kid? I didn’t have this game, but my next door neighbours did. I still remember how much fun we had building the trap and setting it off (and how frustrating it was when it didn’t work or we missed). Today’s Mousetrap Game has been updated from the game you might remember from your childhood, but it’s just as fun and a lot easier to play for the preschool crowd. In this version, the entire mousetrap is build ahead of time and there’s only one target. Tee and I had a great time building our trap and sending the mice around the board.

The updated Mousetrap game from Hasbro is preschooler friendly.

It did take us a few tries to get the trap working just right, but once we’d gone through it a few times, Tee was able to set it up, trigger the trap, and reset it all by herself. Once she’d figured that part out though, she wasn’t all that interested in spinning the spinner and moving the mice around the board. She just wanted to trap the mice (first one, then two, then all three) and then the hippo. A couple of times she couldn’t get it to work and we figured out the problem together. I love that she was learning problem-solving and engineering skills while playing.



FurReal Friends Butterscotch, My Walkin’ Pony Pet

FurReal Friend Butterscotch is a fun Easter gift from Hasbro.

This sweet little pony pet is a soft and cuddly miniature pony that responds to your touch! When you pet her, your pony moves her head in your direction or nuzzles up to you to show how much she loves you. She makes sweet pony sounds and even moves her ears! She’s always ready for a treat, and when you feed your pony friend her “carrot,” she makes munching sounds. She’ll be the fanciest pony in the show when you groom her soft coat with the brush. With such a caring owner, you both might win best in show! Includes pet, brush, 1 clip and pet care guide and requires 3 “AA” batteries (demo batteries included).

FurReal Friends Butterscotch is recommended for ages 4 and up, but I knew Kay would love this little pony (with supervision of course). And I was right! She loves to carry it around and brush its fur, and she laughs every time Butterscotch walks or neighs or makes those funny little huffing noises. The walking action is surprisingly solid, and the pony doesn’t fall over at the slightest touch the way some other walking toys do. Be aware though that even though it looks cuddly, it has a hard plastic robotic body underneath the soft, silky fur coat.

Unfortunately, Tee loves Butterscotch too and keeps trying to steal it away from Kay. I think I need to get another FurReal Friend for Tee to love on or Butterscotch might not make it.

Loving on her FurReal Friend Butterscotch.

These and other gift ideas can be found over at Hasbro Canada. You can pick them up at most major toy retailers.

Disclosure: I received sample items for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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