#Barbie #Dreamtopia Life Lessons for Your Preschooler

Every parent of young girls knows how much Barbie is a part of their world. The dolls, the clothes, the Dreamhouse… and now the animated Barbie Dreamtopia series starring Barbie and her little sister, Chelsea!

Barbie Dreamtopia airs on TreeHouse on Saturday and Sunday mornings. As imagined by Chelsea, the magical world of Dreamtopia is filled with mermaids, unicorns, rainbow rivers, and cotton candy clouds – everything my own preschooler loves! But it’s not just a show. Each episode also teaches carefully selected social and emotional lessons like patience, teamwork, inner beauty, persistence, and flexibility.

The “Learning Through Dreamtopia” guide helps parents teach and reinforce those lessons with fun activities, discussion questions, follow-up activities, and suggested reading to make the most of your child’s viewing experience.

Kay has been catching up on Dreamtopia on YouTube, and we recently watched the episode “4 Times the Chelsea” together.

Chelsea is annoyed by a friend’s know-it-all attitude and wishes for a friend who is just like her. Her wish is granted in Dreamtopia and Chelsea ends up with three clones of herself. At first, she is thrilled, but soon realizes that it is better to have different points of view when trying to solve a problem. Notto proves it by looking at a puzzle from a different vantage point and providing a strategy to solve it. Back in the real world, Chelsea now knows the meaning of “two heads are better than one.”

In these times more than ever, it’s important to me that my daughters learn not just to tolerate, but to celebrate the differences that make us unique. Being able to appreciate and value different perspectives helps them work and play more successfully with other kids, as well as laying the foundation for them to grow into good citizens.

This episode’s lesson guide inspired us to make a “My Favourite Things” mini scrapbook with magazine clippings and hand drawn pictures of some of Kay’s favourite things. What’s your favourite colour? (RED!) What is your favourite food? (Ice cream.) What do you like doing for fun? (Playing at the park, painting.)

Then we discussed whether other kids all like the same things she does. What’s your sister’s favourite colour? (Pink.) And what does she like to do for fun? (Skateboarding.) We agreed that everyone is different, and that’s a good thing!

The guide’s suggested activities helped us bring Dreamtopia‘s lessons to life and encouraged Kay to consider how other people might have different likes, characteristics, and perspectives from her. What a great way to start the conversation!

Watch Barbie Dreamtopia with your preschooler on TreeHouse or YouTube, and don’t forget to visit the “Learning Through Dreamtopia” website to find fun activities that support their learning!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation. Nevertheless, I only share information I believe will be of benefit to my readers. All opinions are my own. Your experience may differ.

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