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Does Your Dog Have Seasonal Allergies? #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

All through this long cold winter, we’ve been looking forward to spring. I mean, it’s the season of new life, flowers, budding leaves, pollen… Oh right. It’s also the season for allergies. I’ve already started getting itchy eyes and sneezing, and yesterday my throat was itching like crazy. Ahhh! But did you know that dogs get allergies too?

Do you know the signs of seasonal allergies in your dog? If you don’t, you’re certainly not alone. According to an Ipsos Reid poll, the majority of Canadian dog owners don’t know what to look for. Half of the respondents mistakenly believed that the signs of seasonal allergies are the same in humans and dogs, and another 27% couldn’t identify any allergy signs at all.Allergies in dogs are commonly expressed through itchy, irritated skin.
Dogs are often allergic to the same things as humans – dust, pollen, grass, mould, dander, and ragweed – but allergies in dogs are usually expressed through their skin instead of through sneezing or watery eyes like you or I might get. Telltale signs of seasonal allergies in dogs include ear infections, pawing at their ears, red or irritated skin, constant licking or scratching, hair loss, and excessive scratching or chewing at their paws.

Remember ESP – Ears, Skin, Paws

Take the ESP Test below. If your dog is showing signs of seasonal allergies, you don’t have to manage them alone. Go see your veterinarian who can prescribe a number of treatments to help you and your dog feel better. That includes recommending a quality dog food that can help reduce your dog’s reliance on medications like steroids.

Most of the particles that cause seasonal allergies in dogs are absorbed through the skin so keeping your dog’s skin healthy is vital in protecting him or her from those allergies. A therapeutic dog food high in fatty acids helps reduce inflammation and promote skin healing. Royal Canin offers two trusted formulas, Skin Care and Skin Support, that help fight seasonal allergies.

Take the ESP test - 3 signs your dog may have seasonal allergies! #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

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