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DK Books for LEGO Fans

I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear me say that we’re a LEGO family. It’s not just my kids who love LEGO though. I have so many fond memories of building my dream house and fantastical castles with LEGO when I was a kid. And now as a parent, I really love how my kids can stay focused on a LEGO project for hours at a time, either learning to follow very specific directions, or going creatively freestyle.

So of course we love books about LEGO as well. Check out some of our favourite DK Books that bring the fun and creativity of LEGO into their pages. For most of these, you’ll need your own bricks though, so they’re best suited for kids (and adults) who have lots of bricks already at home.

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LEGO Harry Potter Build Your Own Adventure
by Elizabeth Dowsett

LEGO Harry Potter Build Your Own Adventure brings together our love for Harry Potter and LEGO all in one, and it’s just as magical as it sounds! The slipcover case contains a hardcover story/idea book with a box containing an exclusive Harry Potter minifigure and a 98-piece 2-in-1 LEGO model that makes either a Sorting Hat spinner platform or a magical revolving Hogwarts fireplace. Use these LEGO pieces and your own bricks to make your own builds inspired by scenes from the first Harry Potter movie.

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Each page walks you through dozens of ideas to help you recreate classic movie scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Build Harry’s room under the stairs or Gringott’s Bank. Recreate Professor Snape’s potions classroom and the Forbidden Forest. Create your own set of moving stairs or game of Wizard’s Chess. This is a great starter book since it comes with enough pieces in the box to make a complete Harry Potter project!

LEGO NINJAGO Choose Your Ninja Mission
by Simon Hugo

Remember the old Choose Your Adventure books? I used to read those all the time, flipping back and forth to find the best ending. Now LEGO NINJAGO fans can do the same with the help of a minifigure of Jay included in the cover to keep them company along the way.

First, choose your starting point. Would you rather head directly to the Ninja Trial or train with Master Wu first? Then keep making choices to find out how your adventure turns out. Discover more than 40 possible endings!

Will you visit the Earth Ninja or the Green Ninja? Will you head to the ancient First Realm or fly to the Forbidden Realm full of secrets and ice? Will you fight the Ice Emporer’s dragon or make friends with him?

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Data File boxes tell you more about LEGO NINJAGO vehicles and Ninja Facts give a little more background. Build It! boxes give kids suggestions for making their own NINJAGO-inspired builds. What’s the largest dragon they can build? What’s the smallest? This story/idea guide includes characters, vehicles, and locations from every series of LEGO NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu. Your Ninjago fan will love it!

LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia New Edition
by Elizabeth Dowsett

This new, fully updated edition covers more than 200 minifigures from all 9 episodes of the Star Wars saga as well as Clone Wars, Rebels, Solo, and Rogue One. We have the last edition from 2015 which stopped at Revenge of the Sith, so my kids were really excited to look through the latest edition with all their favourite characters from the new trilogy like Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, BB-8, and D-O.

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Packed full of fascinating facts, you’ll find all the best and least-known Star Wars character minifigs, including your favourite heroes, villains, aliens, and droids. Quick reference data file boxes lay out their demographics, and text boxes point out interesting features and variations. This book comes with an exclusive Darth Maul minifigure wielding his infamous double-bladed lightsaber to add to (or start) your minifigure collection.

The LEGO Ideas Book
by Daniel Lipkowitz

The LEGO Ideas Book has officially sold more than 2 million copies and it’s easy to see why. Over the last decade, this hardcover book has inspired LEGO fans everywhere to design and create a dizzying range and variety of LEGO builds, and it’s a must on any LEGO collector’s bookshelf. This book doesn’t include step-by-step instructions like those that come in a typical LEGO set. Instead it contains ideas. Labelled diagrams suggest using certain pieces to get a specific look or effect, but the models are better seen as inspiration for you to exercise your own creativity.

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The six chapters in this book cover vehicles, buildings, space, castles, fantasy, and practical makes. Each chapter starts with an overview of some recommended bricks, and ends with a “Meet the Builder” interview sharing their expert tips and favourite projects. In the middle, you’ll find a series of projects and building ideas that will inspire your creativity. Get inspired to build a farm complete with fruit orchard and country barn to an entire castle or pirate island. Design an ice cream truck or your own space walker. The final Make & Keep chapter shows you how to make fun LEGO projects like a castle-inspired desk organizer, a minifigure display stand, and an authentic chess set you can actually play.

Unleash your imagination! With more than 500 fun ideas to inspire and excite, this book would make a wonderful gift for any LEGO fan from 6-106.

365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks
by Simon Hugo & Alice Finch

If your LEGO fan still doesn’t have enough inspiration this summer, then you have to pick up 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks. Packed with hundreds of creative build ideas and activities, you’ll never look at your LEGO bricks in the same way again.

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Design a LEGO dinosaur. Make your own zoo. Build a giant LEGO piggy bank. Play LEGO bingo. Take the chopstick challenge. Build a LEGO egg that actually hatches. Work your way through each project in order or just flip through the pages until something catches your interest.

Not sure which project to pick? This book comes with a battery-powered activity selector and timer embedded in the cover. Challenge yourself to take on a random activity and race against the clock to get it done in time. That’s probably my kids’ favourite part – they love challenging each other to create the coolest project in the shortest amount of time.

There’s so much here to keep you and your kids occupied for a full year! This would be a fantastic edition to your collection of learning at home resources.

Build Yourself Happy
by Abbie Headon

LEGO definitely isn’t for kids any more! Design a LEGO mandala or use a “snoozing” LEGO block as a reminder you to leave your phone alone. Create a LEGO “bedtime kit” to help relax before bed and divert your mind from everyday worries. This little book will guide you through more than 50 activities with LEGO that can help you develop mindfulness, find balance, relax, and even improve your sleep. 

Build Yourself Happy is intended for adults looking for a fun and creative way to unwind and make time for self-care. A thoughtful gift!

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