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Win a Copy of Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom Out on Blu-ray September 15 {and Free Printables!}

Back in April, I was invited to an advance movie screening of Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom, but I regretfully declined as I wasn’t sure if it would hold my kids’ interest. I thought they might get bored a few minutes in, and I didn’t want to disrupt other movie goers.

Boy, was I wrong. We just received an advance Blu-ray copy of Monkey Kingdom for review and my kids loved it!

Disneynature Monkey Kingdom Bluray

From Disneynature, the studio that brought you Chimpanzee and Bears, comes Monkey Kingdom, a spectacular tale set among ancient ruins in the storied jungles of South Asia. Maya, a clever and resourceful monkey, finds her world forever changed when she welcomes her son Kip into her colorful extended family. As Maya strives to keep Kip safe through unexpected and sometimes perilous adventures, amazing footage captures all the magic and surprises of their magnificent world. Maya and her family will make you laugh and warm your heart as she realizes her dreams for her son’s future.

Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom Ph: ©Disneynature 2015

Come on, who doesn’t love monkeys? This spectacular footage was filmed over the course of three years in Sri Lanka and follows a troop of clever toque macaque monkeys. The images are absolutely stunning, and the use of pop music (“Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkees” and “Whatta Man”) keeps it light and entertaining though most of the film. My favourite part is where the monkeys sneak into the village and hang upside down from the roofs snatching food, all to a spy music soundtrack (think Mission: Impossible).

Monkey Kingdom is rated G, but there are a few scenes to be aware of if watching with very young ones. At one point, the monkeys are stalked by a Komodo lizard and one monkey gets pulled under the water. Later on, another group of monkeys attacks our monkeys. There is some teeth baring, and Maya and her troop are driven from their home base at Castle Rock. My three-year-old ran to snuggle up next to me but my five-year-old was unfazed. After the battle, one member of the monkey troop is dead and the other monkeys approach the body, seemingly to say goodbye. We see the obscured shape from farther away and his arm closer up with no other details, but sensitive children may be upset by this.

We all really enjoyed Monkey Kingdom, and I love that it helped start a conversation with my girls about endangered animals, humans’ impact on habitats, and conservation efforts. The toque macaque is on the endangered list, and this movie helps raise awareness. In addition, Disneynature has committed to donating a portion of first-week sales to Conservation International to help protect endangered species in their natural habitats.

Bonus Features:

  • Tales From The Kingdom
  • On The Set of Monkey Kingdom with Jane Goodall and Wolfgang Dittus
  • Disneynature Monkey Kingdom: The Conservation Story
  • “It’s Our World” Music Video Performed by Jacquie Lee
  • A Special Thank You from Disneynature

Monkey Kingdom activities

More Monkey Kingdom games and quizzes available on the Disneynature website. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Monkey Kingdom will be available on Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) & Blu-ray Combo Pack starting September 15.

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  • Our middle child (the one that would enjoy this the most) loves dogs, any kind of dog.
    We live in the mountains of Arkansas so we encounter a lot of wildlife. One evening around sunset, three years ago, we had a mama wolf walk up to us and watch us play room about 20 feet away. By the time I noticed her, she had already made herself comfortable and was just watching us play in the yard. No signs of aggression or fear, she was just enjoying us. When I did notice her, it of course, scared the hell out of me, but only expanded my daughter’s love for canines. After I grabbed the middle by the pants and threw her on the porch, shoved the oldest in the car, I grabbed my pistol (just in case, I didn’t know if she would be aggressive or not), and by the time I got back outside, she was gone. We haven’t seen her since.
    Scariest and coolest thing I have ever witnessed, but definitely didn’t help with my phobia of wolves. Lol
    As a child, I remember black bears playing tag in our front yard. They loved to tackle the baby pine saplings we had. They were amazing, and it was an awesome experience.

  • My child’s favorite animals are elephants,especially baby ones,she fell in love the first time she saw one.

  • Felicity loves Dolphins, dolphins and dolphins! She know all the facts about them and has swam with them twice!

  • My oldest Gal loves the Arctic White Ow (aka: Snowy Owl)..My middle daughter loves the Fairy Penguin, and my youngest Gal loves the Porcupine..Sorry I couldn’t just Share what 1 kid loves,as I have 3 Galz and I know what are their absolute Favorite animals 🙂

  • My grandson is particularly interested in sea turtles. He loves to pretend he is a sea turtle when he’s taking a bath!

  • Alysia adores penguins, everything about them. She’s watched all of the grown-up BBC films about them as well as ‘March of the Penguins’.

  • My favorite wild animal is the politician. It is very cunning and wily. The politician is currently looking to court all partners with magnificent financial displays in the wilds of Canada. Some politicians are threatening my child’s favorite animal the wild bear.

  • My daughter’s favorite animal is probably the monkey thanks to Curious George. That is her favorite show right now.

  • I love owls, I even have an owl lamp in my living room. I don’t have kids yet but my niece loves rabbits. My nephew is too little to have a favorite animal yet, he just turned 1.

  • After spending over an hour at the Calgary zoo for the Gorilla to take his head out of the door so my grandson could see him, I have to go with the Gorilla.

  • My grandson’s favorite wild animal is the monkey. His room is decorated with jungle animals. He would absolutely love this movie. Thank-you!!

  • Who is your child’s (or your) favourite wild animal? Leave your answer in full sentences please.

    i dont have children…mine was the rhino..thank you and good night

  • Aw, we loved this movie! My daughter’s favourite wild animal is the tiger, she loves to crouch down and prowl around like a tiger and growl and leap. My son I just asked and he said “Nothing.” Which is great evidence of a threenager in action 😉

  • Oh my gosh – my family and I have a fascination with two animals – Owls…and monkeys! Of course, I really love them all. All wild animals have a beauty about them <3

  • One of my children loves dolphins the best, one loves monkeys the best, and I love big cats the best – tigers, jaguars, lions etc.

  • My sons favorite animal is a polar bear and we just got one at the zoo after years and I haven’t made it there with him yet.