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Custom Halloween Cloth Diapers from Hip Huggers

I have many reasons for choosing cloth diapers. Sure, cloth diapering saves money and keeps garbage out of the landfill, but it’s also lot of fun coordinating my little one’s diaper with her outfit (or the other way around!) and finding the perfect diaper for a special occasion. I wanted to find a spooky Halloween diaper for Keira, but I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg either (’cause that would be too slasher flick for me, even at Halloween!).

Angela is the hip mama behind Hip Huggers Cloth Diapers. She sells diapers out of her home in Victoria, BC, just across the Strait of Georgia from me. Not only does she sell economical pocket diapers, she also hand paints custom designs on her diapers. She made this awesome Jack Skellington inspired diaper – perfect for Halloween!

Halloween Diapers from Hip Huggers

Anatomy of a Hip Huggers OS Pocket Diaper

Hip Huggers are reusable, one size pocket diapers that adjust to fit babies 9-34 pounds. They’re designed by Angela and manufactured in China. These diapers only come in snaps, and rotate through cute prints on a regular basis. The outside shell is waterproof PUL, and the inside lining is charcoal bamboo fleece. The pocket opening is located at the back. Hip Huggers have one row of ten snaps across the front, four hip snaps on each side to adjust waist and leg sizing independently, and crossover snaps.Anatomy of a Hip Huggers one size diaper

Hip Huggers also have a great feature not usually found on diapers at this lower price point – PUL gussets! 

Hip Huggers - gussets

Three rows of three rise snaps allow you to adjust the rise to small, medium, and large.  Here’s a peek at the sizes and how they compare.

Hip Huggers - size comparison

Each diaper comes complete with an absorbent 5 layer charcoal bamboo blend insert (the inner three layers are microfiber, and the top and bottom layers are charcoal bamboo).

charcoal insert

Diaper Fit & Performance

Here’s Keira showing off that cute and spooky Jack face on her Hip Huggers diaper. She’s 26 months old and 28 pounds. I really like that Hip Huggers diapers comes complete with the matching insert, but my favourite feature is those PUL gussets. Not only do they help contain blowouts, but because they’re made from PUL, they help prevent wicking (leaking where clothing touches the fabric lining of the diaper). The pocket opening is easy to stuff and elasticized to keep the insert inside.

Hip Huggers collage

The PUL used in this diaper feels slightly thinner and stretchier than many of my other diapers. I can’t comment on what this difference means in terms of washability or longevity as we haven’t had it for long enough, but I haven’t noticed any difference in the time that we’ve been testing.

Angela hand paints all of her designs. Personally, I think the one of a kind nature of each diaper is part of their appeal, but it does mean they might not be perfectly printed the way a commercially produced design would be. After five or six washes, I haven’t noticed any fading, cracking, or peeling of the hand painted Jack face.

Like almost all one size diapers, Hip Huggers aren’t meant to fit your teeny little newborn even on the smallest rise setting. I don’t have an infant to test this out, but I do think that the PUL gussets would be a fantastic feature to keep in runny infant poops, especially with exclusively breastfed babies.

The final noteworthy characteristic of this diaper is the charcoal bamboo lining. It feels similar to microfleece and wicks wetness away from baby’s bum like microfleece. I’m loving the dark grey interior – no worries about stains or yellowing. I wasn’t sure how well the single charcoal bamboo blend insert I received would hold up to my heavy wetter, but it carried us through 2-3 hours with no problems. And as I mentioned before, the gussets are a great feature to help stop leaks at the leg holes.

Final Thoughts

Hip Huggers’ OS pocket diapers are a good choice for mamas looking to cloth diaper economically but still purchase locally. They look very similar to Alva Baby diapers but with some premium features added like those gussets and charcoal bamboo lining. Buying these made in China diapers locally means you’ll get your diapers sooner and you can access immediate cloth diapering support and responsive customer service. But the ability to personalize your diapers is the best part. For a small upcharge, Angela can personalize your diaper with any text or a design. 


Connect with Hip Huggers on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news, stockings, and specials.


Shop directly from Angela on Facebook or through Storenvy. Supreme One Size pocket diapers retail for $12.95, and hand painted diapers for $15.95.

Want to Win?

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Disclosure: I received a sample item for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • We absolutely love Angela’s diapers! My girl had tiny little legs for a long time and those gussets (especially on the covers without the lining in them, the gusset is made of the thicker pul on those ones) gave such a great fit around her little legs. Now that she’s a bit bigger, I prefer the stretchyness of the pocket gussets. The charcoal bamboo is like magically for not getting stained and the poop sprays off like, seriously, magic compared to other diapers.

    On top of all that, Angela’s customer service is awesome

  • I absolutely love everything about the Beatle juice Hip Hugger os diaper we have. We even used it as a night time diaper just to see if it would leak. Not even once have we had a problem with it. It maybe a Halloween themed diaper, but we plan on using it as long as possible. I really love the pricing of the hip huggers as well. I plan on buying a few more when I have the money.

  • I was pleasantly surprised to see this is a company that works out of Victoria! I live in Montreal now so there’s are a few companies local to me here, and it’s great to see more companies in Canada.
    I think a gusset might be essential. This seems to be a well-designed diaper. And the patterns are awesome. I just vowed to stop buying more diapers but the cupcake wonderland and the teatime one are making my buy button finger itchy!

  • These look like great diapers! Are the pockets big enough to stuff in another insert? Have you tried it as an overnight diaper with extra stuffing?

  • I REALLY like the gusset with PUL! the 5-layer charcoal blend insert is nice too! It’s a bonus that it’s Canadian-made 🙂 My daughter is expecting her first child in February; it would be great to be able to give her this beautiful winter holiday diaper and wet bag!

  • I’d love to try this diaper after seeing those gussets! Her stuff is also really cool and edgy. I have a little punk flair myself and this just suits our family well!

  • Great review! I’m trying to learn about all the different types/brands and all that craziness so I love learning about new brands! And the price for personalized?! Shut the front affordable door!

  • I just love this diaper! Thank you for sharing. I will definitely check out her diapers. Would love to have a custom painted diaper, and these are very affordable.

  • We have a couple of hip hugger diapers and the double gusset works great for EBF poop. I do find that you have to be careful with the positioning of the double gusset so it does wick.

  • I looooove Hip Huggers’ designs. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying one myself, but I’ve been a FB fan for a while and I just love seeing the creative designs. Sometimes hand painted diapers look kind of cheap to me, but Hip Huggers always look fantastic. My friend got the Jack Skellington diaper you reviewed and she loves it.

  • Hip huggers diapers are definitely on my wish list. I have been eyeing her diapers for a little while and have been loving her prints. I love how not only are customs unique but some of her prints are too.

  • I’m glad I came across this review! I’ve been looking for a good charcoal bamboo diaper. Gussets are desirable for me too…ebf’ing my 4 mo old son. Even for pee leeks I’m safer to have gussets! heading over to her shop next:)

  • There is so much to like about these diapers.
    The double PUL gussets. The awesome personalization! The 5 layer charcoal bamboo blend insert and the charcoal inner. I have heard a lot of good things about this brand and I would love to try it 🙂 Thank you.

  • These are beautiful diapers! They look well made too! I love all the snaps! It looks like it would provide for a well fit!! I also like the PUL gussets! Thank yoU!

  • I love that she will personalize these. These are so cute. I haven’t used cloth diapers since my daughter was small so I’m guessing these would be much better than the cloth with pin ones that I used on her, some 26 years ago.

  • I love all of the snaps (and the crossover ones, too). I’ve got a huge baby with a teensy waist so this sort of setup is a huge help for him!

  • I have one Hip Huggers diaper and I LOVE it, I think it gets used more often than any of my other diapers. My little girl is tall and skinny, she’s 90th percentile for height, 25th for weight. So the crossover snaps are AMAZING for her tiny waist and skinny little legs (She gets this from her dad, NOT me.) I am going to get one of their package deals as soon as I convince hubby that we need more diapers 😉 Great product for the money.

  • i love supporting mom businesses and i absolutely love that fleece inside. i often feel some of my diapers must feel uncomofrtable to my baby!

  • These look like really neat diapers. I love that they are hand painted, and I am interested in the charcoal liners. The diapers I am using now are organic bamboo and are very good with leaks even through the night, I would like to see how these ones do overnight. I think I will try one!

  • I love the print on these diapers and wetbags. The diaper would make a cute Christmas gift for a mom new to cloth diapering. Also good to use a bamboo/charcoal insert instead of microfibre which tends to hold odor more.

  • That is adorable! Although my son would probably be afraid of it lol. Love the material. It sounds like a great cloth diaper.

  • These look awesome! I’ve been wanting to try a charcoal bamboo diaper that isn’t low quality. The gussets are really cool too. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I love the gussets on these, what a great feature! The gussets, the charcoall bamboo, and the crossover snaps it sounds like a winner in my book!