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Cover That Bum with Maxaloones from Harp Diapers

There are lots of great reasons to put cloth diapers on your baby: reducing your environmental impact, saving money, healthier skin, and don’t forget how cute and chic cloth diapers are! But it’s not all kittens and rainbows. There’s the extra laundry and the poop scraping (I know, I know, you’re supposed to dump and flush the poop out of disposable diapers too, but how often does that happen?). And then there’s the frustration of trying to find pants that fit those adorably fluffy bums. Most pants are made to fit over disposable diapers, and I know we often have to go up a size to fit over Kay’s diapers. Unfortunately, that means the pants often end up gaping at the waist and/or dragging on the ground.

Clever cloth diapering moms have come up with a solution for this problem! Maxaloones are stretchy pants specially designed to fit over fluffy cloth diaper bums. Not only do they fit perfectly over cloth diapers, but they adjust to fit from 3/6 months all the way up to 3 years! Just adjust the size by folding up or down the contrasting leg cuffs and tummy band. You can also find these pants in Miniloones (3-12 months) and Monster Maxaloones (1-5 years).

Maxaloones collage

I’ve seen adjustable pants before, but I’ve never had the chance to try them until now. I’m officially sold! We’re big fans of these Maxaloones from Harp Diapers, a local business run by single mom Deborah. The gorgeous Thai-inspired elephant print knit is made from 95% cotton and 5% Lycra. The bum, tummy, and leg cuffs are made from a 95% organic cotton and 5% polyester red knit. The fabric is very soft and stretchy, and not too heavy even for summer wear. The stitching is tight and even, and all the raw edges are serged for a nice finished look.

Kay loves her comfy new pants. She really enjoys pointing out her elephants to anyone who will look. “Efoo, Mommy! Efoo!” I love how much room these Maxaloones have for even the fluffiest of bums. These pants will definitely grow with your child. You can see how much fabric is left to unfold at Kay’s waist and ankles. She’ll be able to get at least another year of use out of these, probably more. How many items of baby clothing can say that?

back view

For fun I tried the Maxaloones on my four-year-old to see how they’d fit her. Of course there’s a little extra room in the bum as she isn’t in diapers anymore, but rest assured that these will easily fit the tallest toddler in diapers. In fact, while Maxaloones are described as fitting from 3/6 months, I’m not convinced of that. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a 3 month old, but I’d say the pants probably won’t stay on very well until much closer to the 6 month mark.

Teagan wearing Maxaloones

Another bonus! If you’re a babywearer like me, you know how annoying it is to have to be constantly tugging your baby’s pant legs down when she’s sitting in the carrier. Maxaloones are fantastic for babywearing because they’re so soft and comfy, there’s nothing to rub against delicate baby skin, and you can easily adjust the leg cuffs to fully cover little legs hanging out of the carrier. Just unroll the cuffs to keep those chubby legs warm in cool weather, out of the sun in the summer, and safe from bug bites.

in the carrier

One of the best parts of owning a blog is that I get to showcase hardworking and creative work at home moms and the amazing products they make. Besides Maxaloones, Harp Diapers makes custom cloth diapers and accessories, often using awesome vintage fabrics. Here’s just a small sampling of the amazing goodies you could find over there. I LOVE those Serenity and unicorn fabrics!

Harp Diapers collage

Photos adapted from Harp Diapers.

Harp Diapers makes AIO, AI2, pocket, and hybrid fitted diapers, plus diaper inserts, Maxaloones, mama cloth, wipes, nursing pads, bibs, and even dog clothes! Custom orders are always welcome!


Connect with Harp Diapers on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with stockings, works in progress, promotions, and cute babies wearing fluffy diapers.


Visit Harp Diapers on HyenaCart where you can buy ready made items or pick up a custom slot. Maxaloones retail for $30 CAD, Miniloones for $25, and Monster Maxaloones for $35.

Disclosure: I received a sample item for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • Those maxaloones look so adorable on your little one, I wasn’t sure about the fabric when I saw these on her page, but your little girls def. make them look amazing!!

  • I love my products from Harp Diapers! I like the maxaloons, however I would agree with you that they are just too big for under 6 months. I found that it took forever to get there little legs though all the fabric and that there was just too much bulk. I think the miniloons would be the better option.

  • I’ve seen maxaloones in my feed but never given them much thought until now. I love the waistband and cuffs! Great idea! I might need to get a pair when my daughter gets a bit older. Thanks for the honesty about sizing, as she’s only seven weeks so they likely won’t fit for a few months!

  • I would love to try these types of pants. My 6 month old is very chubby and the cloth diapers makes pant wearing very hard. I have a pattern that I’m itching to try. Just have to find the right fabric. These pants look so adorable!!!

  • LOVE how comfortable they look! And they look like they truly would fit for a very long time since you can roll/unroll and adjust as needed.

  • First time I have ever seen Stock Maxaloones~ from Harp Diapers. Simply great design, look so comfortable & perfect for my little sunshine. Adorable ♥

  • I think these pants are amazing! I would love to be able to pack just one outfit in my diaper bag for all of my kids! Haha! The older 2 rarely need changes, but I still pack just in case. With pants like this, I could just bring 1 pair and a t-shirt for each of them just in case!

  • I am new to cloth diapers and I had know idea they made pants to go over cloth. I love how they are adjustable and they look so cute too!

  • This is something I hadn’t thought about, but I see how useful these are! Cloth can be a bit bulkier and you need pants that fit their tushies well. =)

  • I wish I knew about maxaloones sooner. There is always talk about how no one can ever find pants to fit over cloth diapers and I know I spent a small fortune on baby legs when this is a much better option. There are also just as cute maxaloones as heck out there now that I start to look. I wish I was craftier and could make some. Cute little model too!

  • I love the idea of these pants! How great to have something last so long when babies grow out of things so fast. And I love that they work great with CD bums!

  • I always think these are so cute but I don’t know if I would put my LO in them out and about. Maybe I would though. Something to think about, anyway. maybe I’ll win a pair! 🙂

  • I love that they stretch and that they fold up/down to fit multiple sizes. My kids are different sizes but could share the same pair of pants!