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I’d heard so much about Charlie Banana since their launch in 2010, but I’d never had the chance to try them. Until now that is! I’ve been in love with all the prints in Charlie Banana’s Fashion Collection for a long time, and I had a terrible time choosing just one of the prints for review. I mean, they have a maple leaf diaper – big love from this Canadian girl! After going back and forth several times, I finally settled on Robot Girl. Keira loves the bright fuchsia colour covered in fun, little boxy robots.

Anatomy of a Charlie Banana One Size Diaper

The Charlie Banana OS reusable cloth diaper is designed to fit babies from 6-35 pounds and comes in snaps only. Each diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. The outside shell is waterproof PUL, and the inside is stay dry microfleece. The pocket opening is located at the front of the diaper with a wide flap over the opening.

Charlie Banana interior

This diaper has two rows of eight snaps across the front to adjust the waist and leg holes. The inner bottom snaps are slightly offset to help with fit on skinny babies. The wings have two waist and a hip snap on each, plus crossover snaps. A wide band of elastic at the back helps stop pooplosions up the back.

Charlie Banana outside

Charlie Banana uses a patented internal elastic sizing system that adjusts like a bra strap instead of the usual snap down rise system.

Charlie Banana rise adjustment

The markings run from XS to L and the elastics are continuously adjustable to give you the exact size you want.

Charlie Banana OS Diaper size comparison

Diaper Fit & Performance

The eco-friendly Charlie Banana One Size diaper can be used as a pocket diaper or as an AI2 (all-in-2) disposable/reusable hybrid diaper. Each diaper comes complete with two microfiber inserts for stuffing – one smaller and one regular length.

Charlie Banana 2 inserts

Charlie Banana also sells disposable inserts that go on top of the microfleece lining and tuck under the front pocket flap to keep them in place, but I haven’t personally tried these. For those who prefer to use 100% cloth like me, Charlie Banana sells reusable hemp as well as microfiber inserts.

Now let’s look at the patented buckle rise adjustment system. Size markings along the elastic act as a guide to help you to adjust it to the size needed and get both sides even. Once adjusted, the buckles stay in place so you won’t need to readjust until it’s time to move up a size. I received an older version of this, here’s a diagram of the new triple bar buckle.

Charlie Banana diapers - new improved buckle

With the typical rise adjustment, you fold and snap down the front. But with this internal adjustable elastic, the front looks nice and neat, just like a sized diaper. There is a drawback though, particularly for families with more than one baby in diapers. It takes significantly more time to pull the elastic through the casing and adjust each side, which would make it quite inconvenient to switch sizes between babies.

Keira is 27 months old and 29 pounds. The diaper is adjusted to the second to last marking, and we still have about three quarters of an inch of elastic left to go up. The wide elastics at the legs and the back do a good job containing leaks and keeping everything dry.

I use one insert during the day and two for naps. With one insert, it’s quite trim, and even with both inserts it still looks pretty good. I did find the PUL at the front seemed a bit baggy with only one insert inside. This wasn’t an issue with two inserts stuffed.

Charlie Banana diaper review

The crotch on this diaper is on the skinnier side which I imagine would help get a better fit on smaller babies. It wasn’t too narrow to fit properly on Keira though, so Charlie Banana seems to have found a nice compromise. However, the majority of my other inserts were too wide to fit in the pocket properly. Each diaper comes with two inserts so you won’t have an issue buying inserts to fit, but it does mean searching through the pile of cloth diaper laundry to find the “right” insert to match. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of.

I don’t have a newborn to try on this diaper, but the leg holes looked quite small when I pulled the elastic all the way down. It seems like it would fit pretty close to newborn.

Charlie Banana Tote Bag

We also received a matching waterproof tote bag in the super cute Robot Girl print. The bag is made from one layer of stretchy PUL so it folds up quite small when not in use. It’s a nice size for going out for the afternoon and holds four diapers with room to spare. No leaks or problems to report.

The wide handle can hang over door handles or hooks, but it would be nice if the strap unsnapped for more versatility in where it could be hung.

Charlie Banana wet bag

Once Keira’s out of cloth diapers, I’ll still use this to store wet clothes, toiletries, or to separate items that might spill in my suitcase.

Final Thoughts

Charlie Banana diapers stand out for their adjustable elastics that allow you to adjust the diaper to fit your baby perfectly (no in between sizes!). I like the trimness and the flat front, but this system does take more time to adjust than the typical snap rise adjustment. Based on measurements and look, this diaper seems like it would actually fit from newborn (or pretty close) up to potty training. They’re also reasonably priced, and I really appreciate that each one comes with two inserts. Bonus for how many colours and cute prints Charlie Banana offers!


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Gift It!

I asked cloth diapering mamas on Facebook if they’d like to receive diapers for Christmas, and the answer was a resounding YES! Purchase diapers directly from Charlie Banana or at Tote bags retail for $16.88, and Charlie Banana OS diapers retail for $20.88 (solids) – $21.88 (prints). Diapers are also available in cute 3 and 6-pack boxes, perfect for under the tree!

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  • I really like the selection of prints Charlie Banana has. The elastic size adjustment is a pretty neat idea although I would have to try it t know if I would like it.

  • Charlie Banana’s were the first diaper I purchased for my guy. They were the only one size to fit him right away on the smallest setting. Now that he’s bigger, I find the crotch area to be not wide enough for my guy and we always get leaks. I find it is easier to spray off the poop from my Charlie Banana’s, so I put these on him till he poops. I love the colors and I love the prints.

  • I like that you can stuff the diaper in the front. The adjustable elastic is different than having rise snaps. I would like to try them out. Thanks for sharing this review.

  • I love the front-stuffing and AI2 options. My fiance is not crazy about the idea of having to pull inserts out from the back if the baby poops, so this will really help get him on board with cloth diapers!

  • I have been wanting to try cb. We have been using cloth for about 2 months and love softbums because they also have the adjustable elastic. They make a perfect fit on my little guy with a chunky waist and chicken legs

  • This is a wonderful review. I have heard a lot about Charlie Banana but I havent looked into them much more than that. After this review I am definitely going to look into them! Thank you!

  • I love this brand of diapers… the ‘bra strap’ is definitely helpful for my chunky DS! I didn’t know they could be used as an AI2, though, so that’s next on my list to try!

  • I love that Charlie Banana diapers are one size and so adjustable. They are the softest diapers I’ve ever felt!

  • I really appreciate the photos in this post! Seeing the different diapers adjusted with the measuring tape, then on the baby is a very helpful visual.

  • i loved learning about the adjustable leg openings… baby isn’t born yet but we plan to CD and from what i hear, getting a good fit around the legs often times isn’t easy. seems like a great diaper.

  • I use CBs almost exclusively and I love them! I love that they are easy to use. We have NEVER had a blowout with them. I have used them since my son was 4 months old and now and 15 months and 20 lbs, they still fit him perfectly. I love that you showed each size difference in a picture. I have always wondered if adjusting the leg would really make the diaper any bigger or not.

  • I Love CB’s! Used them almost exclusively since day 1 and I have no complaints. Suggest them to everyone looking into cloth diapers 🙂

  • Thank you for the visual on how the sizes actually change from one to the other. That really helps! I love how they are adjustable and go from so small all the way up to toddlers.

  • I never knew about the bra strap adjustments! Very cool perk. I did get some CB inserts from a friend and they are the best! Will need to try the whole diaper system out!

  • I love that it comes with an internal sizing elastic system…what a great way to make sure it fits.

  • I love these diapers! The elastic system has worked great and they have fit both my babies great! (One with chunky legs and one with skinny ones!)

  • Hum…I like the idea of not having the snaps in front for the rise, but not sure how I would like the elastic. Could be amazing. Could be a pain. I think it would depend on how well the elastic held up.

  • Interesting concept with the sizing elastic. We’re still adding to the grandbaby’s stash and will have to run this diaper past the mommy-to-be 🙂 I like that they come with 2 inserts!

  • Great review, and the diaper is SO cute! I have heard great things about Charlie Banana, and definitely plan on trying them out with my first stash!

  • Thank you for creating this! These diapers are not only super cute – but I love how this is SUPER GREEN! Do you know how long it takes normal diapers to recycle back into our earth, and how many diapers are used every moment, each day – this should be the norm! 🙂 Happy Holidays, Everyone! 😀

  • I like the idea of the elastic rise adjustment. Sometimes the snap adjustments don’t seem quite right on my toddler. I’m also hoping to CD a newborn soon, so tiny leg holes sound good! Maybe I would choose to use these on either the toddler or the newborn so I don’t have to constantly adjust the elastic.

  • I like that these one size diapers have a patented internal elastic sizing system that adjusts like a bra strap to fit babies perfectly from 6-35 pounds. It grows with the baby, which includes the multi snaps in front!

  • very informative! thank you 🙂 its helpful to have honest reviews of the different diapers, especially being new to cloth diapering!