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Canada Doodles! Do You? FREE #CanadaDay Printables

Canada Day is only a week away! To help you and your kids celebrate, I’ve got some free printables for you, courtesy of a fun new book, Canada Doodles. Written by Megan Radford and illustrated by Peter Cook, this pocket-sized softcover book is chock full of Canada-themed doodle prompts that will sneak in some learning along with the fun.

Canada Doodles Cover

Discover fascinating Canadian trivia, explore Canadian geography, and learn about Canadian historical, cultural, and artistic icons and institutions:

  • “Canada has over 30,000 lakes! Draw yourself some goggles and flippers and get ready for a swim.”
  • “Decorate these dragons in the annual Chinese New Year parade in Toronto’s Chinatown.”
  • “Draw a ballerina performing for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Canada’s oldest dance troupe.”
  • “This attractive hockey-playing fella has lost a couple of teeth! Draw his lucky playoff beard and helmet to get him game-ready.”
  • “Finish this inukshuk, a stone figure resembling a human and built by the Inuit.”

Canada Doodles is laid out in sections corresponding to each geographical region of this great country: the West Coast (pretty cool seeing local favourites like Granville Street buskers and the Cherry Blossom Festival!), the Prairies, Central Canada, Atlantic Canada, and the Arctic.

There’s something here for all skill levels. Your toddler can easily draw sprinkles on a Tim Horton’s donut, and older budding artists can sketch a graffiti style mural in Moose Jaw, Manitoba, or a new masterpiece hanging in the Art Gallery of Toronto. This is a perfect book to take along with you to help keep little hands busy in the waiting room, at a restaurant, or on a road trip.

Download Your Free Canada Day Printables!

Have fun with these free printables courtesy of Megan Radford and Raincoast Books. Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Canada Day!

Click on each image to download full-sized.

Canada Doodles Stanley Park Totem Pole Canada Doodles Group of SevenCanada Doodles Canada Day fireworks


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  • Looks like a fun book, cute printables! With a great price too, I might have to add this to my next amazon order 🙂

    “draw sprinkles on a Tim Horton’s donut” is too funny, yet my toddler would love it, she’s into drawing “dots” everywhere…

  • This sounds like a really interesting book, full of Canadian trivia (the sort of thing my son stores in his memory for ever!). Kids would love this too, even if they can’t read they can colour. 🙂

  • I love to doodle. I tend to do better when I am not thinking about it, like when I am talking on the phone! 🙂