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#CanadaDay Maple Syrup #Recipe Roundup

When you think Canadian food, what comes to mind? Poutine, back bacon (or Canadian bacon according to our American friends), pemmican? Maybe beer? I bet most of us would say maple syrup though. After all, the maple leaf is emblematic of this great nation! Did you know that Canada produces over 80% of the world’s maple syrup? My family enjoys maple syrup as a healthier sweetener and for its incomparable flavour, but it’s not just a sweet patriotic treat. Maple syrup is a good source of manganese and zinc, and some research suggests that its natural phenols may even play a role in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes.

Just in time for Canada Day, I’ve gathered together a list of gluten-free recipes featuring maple syrup. Some are my personal favourites (I just made a batch of those yummy Spicy Maple Cinnamon Pecans tonight!), and others have been shared by my maple syrup loving blogger friends. Browse through and find something you’d like to try. Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom to find a bonus Maple Leaf Martini made with – you guessed it – maple syrup, eh?

Canada Day maple syrup gluten-free recipe roundup


Grain Free Pumpkin Pancakes from Natural Living Mamma
Ice Cream for Breakfast from Lifeovereasy


Maple-Balsamic Steak Stir Fry from This West Coast Mommy
Coconut Mashed Sweet Potatoes from This West Coast Mommy
Roasted Garlic and Maple Plank Pork from The Vintage Mom


Spicy Maple Cinnamon Pecans from This West Coast Mommy
Beer Braised Maple, Prosciutto, and Bermuda Onion Jam from Lifeovereasy
Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates from Happy Mothering


Maple Quinoa Pudding with Ricotta from Food & Whine
Smooth & Creamy Pumpkin Tapioca Pudding from Happy Mothering
Chocolate Mousse Pie from Happy Mothering
Pecan Pie Bars from Happy Mothering
Homemade Magic Shell from Happy Mothering
Pumpkin Almond Spiced Fudge from Happy Mothering
Chocolate Bliss Balls from Cooking by Laptop


Try this Maple Leaf Martini recipe from Cathy Kuzel!

  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • 2 1/2 oz. Smirnoff vodka (or other gluten-free vodka)
  • 1/2 oz. Maple syrup
  • 1 1/2 oz. Sparkling apple cider

Mix cinnamon and sugar on a shallow plate and use to coat the rim of a cocktail glass. Add ice, vodka, and maple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Shake 3 times and strain into the glass. Top with the cider and enjoy!

How do you enjoy your maple syrup? Do you bake with it? Cook with it? Or is it only for pouring on your pancakes?

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Homemade Maple Syrup” by Chiot’s Run is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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  • My guys would go nuts with all the maple. I’m not the biggest fan of maple flavor but the Roasted Garlic and Maple Plank Pork looks amazing…

  • thanks for sharing some awesome maple syrup recipes, love me some good maple syrup, not the kind you buy for 1.99 either lol

      • yes the real thing, but you know what’s sad my girls will not eat the real maple syrup, they only like that cheap no name maple syrup…yuck

  • Great roundup – I’ll have to give some of these a try. Thanks so much for including us!

  • OMG i LOVE maple. i drink it from the tree whenever i can πŸ™‚ yum yum thanks for more ideas

  • I pour maple syrup over chicken tenders – a trick I learned from IHOP! I’m going to have to take a look at some of those recipes though.

  • These recipes look amazingly good. We hardly get any real maple syrup due to the cost, but I really prefer the real stuff over the ‘flavored’ stuff. I’ll have to get a small bottle and try out some of the recipes, especially the desserts. Thanks for the recipes.

  • I have to admit that I’m not that creative with maple syrup. I use it on pancakes and in oatmeal. That’s it! Loving this round up of new ideas. The Beer Braised Maple, Prosciutto, and Bermuda Onion Jam really catches my eye.
    Happy Canada Day, Olivia and thank you for sharing!

  • I just checked out your recipe for Coconut Mashed Sweet Potatoes and boy does it sound YUMMY!I’m already a big fan of sweet potatoes,but this makes them extra special!

  • I’m pinning these for the fall. We love maple syrup, though we usually use it on flapjacks and waffles.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes at our Pinterest Foodie party!

  • What a bunch of great ideas you have put together here! I was checking out some of your other recipes as well, and everything looks delicious!

  • Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates was our treat last night out be the firepit,even the kid enjoyed them ! thanks agian for this one

  • Wow what lovely recipes. Thank you for sharing. I used to make this recipe around holidays before I was a vegetarian

  • I love cooking with maple syrup. The mains you included sound especially delicious. I will definitely keep this roundup in mind when I’m looking to try a new recipe out.

  • I love maple syrup so much I could drink it!!LOL Thanks so much for these awesome recipes that you can be sure I will be trying!!

  • I love my maple syrup, one of my favourite toppings for pancakes or waffles πŸ™‚ so a lot of these recipes are made for me!

  • Unfortunately real maple syrup is not available locally and I have never seen back bacon (not what I consider to be back bacon), not since I left Britain

  • We love it cooked with bacon wrapped weenies!! Hubby loves syrup so much tho, that he takes shots of it lol!!