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Bummis Splash Swimwear Review

My kids have been clad in Bummis diapers for years now, and I love the durability, the style, and the thought this company gives to their social and environmental impact. Apparently I’m not the only one; it seems that Bummis has become a household name in the cloth diapering community. It makes me so happy when I see a parent adding a Bummis AIO or Dimple Diaper to their stash.

They’ve been expanding their products to include a few extra things like hygiene items, mealtime necessities, and swim diapers, and I would seriously own them all if I could. This year they’ve rolled out a full line of swimwear called Splash, and I’ve been testing out two of these new outfits with my kids.

There’s a lot to choose from: three hat styles, two types of swim diaper, two different tops, and matching waterproof bags to hold all your wet gear when your day of water play is done.

They come in a variety of different prints that you can mix up for a cute, eclectic look or match up if you like things nice and orderly like me.

UV Tee

Riley looks adorable in Bummis’ Tampa print from head to toe, and Brooks is rocking their Under the Sea print. Since I love things super coordinated, I actually chose the same items for each of them so they could match one another. Cutest brother and sister at the splash park! Too bad they didn’t interact with one another at all…

They’re both wearing full-sleeve UV Tees ($21.95 CAD), Riley in the large 18-24 month size and Brooks in the extra large 24-30 month size. He’s over three years old now, but he’s always been on the slender size, and this tee fits him perfectly.

The tees are a little snug going over their heads, but that’s because they have a collar that extends a short way up the neck for more sun protection. The overall SPF is a minimum of 35, and we haven’t had any sun damage in them after a couple long days in the sun.

The fabric is a thin swimsuit material, and it dries out fast in the sun. Brooks loves his Under the Sea shirt so much, he insisted on wearing it around the house and to bed for two days straight!

They also sell a tankini style top, and it even comes in Bummis’ Tampa print if you want to put together a similar look.

Splash Cap

Though the Splash line offers other, arguably more protective, sun hats, I couldn’t resist these baseball style caps ($24.95 CAD). Riley’s Tampa print cap is a little bit different than Brooks’, which is more trucker style, but I love them both, and I’m a fan of the little leather Bummis logo stitched onto the front of each. They’re both adjustable, with a size small fitting babies and toddlers 0-2 years old and the large fitting children 2-5 years old.

These are a perfect fit for my kids with lots of room to adjust. Now if I could just get Riley to keep hers on. That pony tail sticking out the back is so scrumptious!

If baseball style caps aren’t your thing, Bummis’ Splash line also has wide-brimmed sun hats and snug fitting swim caps.

One Size Swim Diaper

This is the same style as the Swimmi One Size diaper ($25.95 CAD) I tried out with Brooks last year. It took a bit of convincing for this newly potty trained big kid to put on a diaper, but once he saw that it matched his shirt and hat, he had to complete the ensemble.

Using the same Swimmi One Size diaper from last year shows me just how much he’s grown since last summer. He used to wear it on the smallest rise setting—nice and snug like a pair of underwear—and this year he’s on the second to last rise setting and the last hip snap.

They’re designed to fit children from 12-35 pounds, and both my kids are within that range, but with only two rows of three hip snaps on each side, I’m not sure if this diaper will fit a child that large. Brooks is now 27 lbs, and this will definitely be his last summer wearing it. Riley still has a couple of rise and hip snap settings left to go, so hopefully she’ll get to use this diaper for another year.

We haven’t had any poopy diapers so far in these particular Swimmis, but from last year’s experience, I’m happy to report that cleanup was simple. I just had Brooks stand up while I unsnapped the sides. Then I wiped him down and rinsed the solids into the toilet as usual, throwing the diaper into the wet bag for washing later.

I would recommend having a second swim diaper as backup in case your child goes to the bathroom. That way a poopy diaper won’t mean an end to your day of fun. Like other swim diapers, these are designed to allow liquids to pass through, so no need to change it after your child pees.

The Splash line also features sized Swimmi diapers that go as small as 9 pounds—perfect for a new baby—and as large as 30 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Not that life is a fashion show or anything, but I’m pretty sure my kids are the cutest little water babies for miles when I take them anywhere in their Bummis Splash gear. Like all their other products I’ve tried, this swimwear rates high on quality, functionality, and style. It’s been so much fun to watch Brooks and Riley having summertime fun in their Splash outfits.

If Bummis continues to develop this line, I hope they’ll soon offer swim bottoms and shorts for kids who are potty trained. It would be nice to have matching Under the Sea bottoms for Brooks since he’ll soon outgrow his Swimmi One Size and no longer wants to wear a diaper.


Bummis Splash line, swim diapers, and the rest of their made in Canada baby products are available direct from Bummis or at Lagoon Baby.

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