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Build Your Child’s Reference Library with DK Books

back-to-school-boutique-buttonDK Books makes learning fun, and I love building our home reference library with DK Visual Encyclopedias. With the kids finally back to school, what a great time to stock up on reference books for school projects and to help foster in-depth learning! We received two visual encyclopedias from DK Books’ Back to School Boutique. My girls love leafing through these volumes, looking at the pictures, and asking questions about what they’re looking at. Visual encyclopedias are a great way to encourage their interest in the world around them!

Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia

Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia

One of the first of its kind aimed at young children, Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia is a complete reference guide with sections on the musculoskeletal, circulatory, immune, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, and reproductive systems of the body, along with units on the bodily senses and the relationship between the mind and personality. There’s even a fun section at the end with a simple personality test and some fun brainteasers and logic puzzles for older kids.

Colour-coded tabs make the book easy to navigate, and lots of full-colour pictures, diagrams, and specially-commissioned 3-D imagery of the body systems and organs make it engaging and appealing even for non-readers. Every page has fascinating facts and points of interest to draw kids in.

WOW! Each day, enough power is produced in the heart to drive a car 20 miles (32 km).

WOW! You can’t cough, sneeze, yawn, hiccup, or laugh when you’re dreaming since most of your muscles are paralyzed during dreams.

WOW! Your six salivary glands release nearly two pints (one liter) of watery, slimy saliva into your mouth every day.

Tee always has questions about how or why our bodies do the things they do, and this hardcover encyclopedia is a great resource to pull out and help me explain complicated concepts and processes in a way she can understand.

Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia

Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia

This is my kids’ favourite book right now. Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia explores the world’s oceans and sea creatures with gorgeous full-colour photography and close-up images of the beautiful, majestic, and wonderfully weird wildlife under the waves.

Colour-coded sections organize this volume into sections surveying the open ocean, shallow seas, coast and seashore, polar seas, and the interaction between humans and the ocean. There’s a whole lot of information here too about how oceans are formed, ocean floor topography, and oceanic weather.

DK Oceans - Depth Zones

Click to enlarge.

But my girls love the animals the most. Did you know that seahorses don’t have a stomach, so they have to eat non-stop to stay alive? Did you know that the biggest crustacean on Earth is the Japanese giant spider crab, which can have legs spanning almost 13 feet (4 meters) from tip to tip? My kids do!

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