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If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that we love reading and talking about books around here. Books were a treasured part of my childhood, and I aim to create those same memories for my kids.

I love getting the scoop on new and upcoming children’s books. Our friends over at Raincoast Books recently sent us a selection of toddler and preschool books to check out and share with you. Scroll down for a giveaway too!

reading board books

The smaller size and sturdy construction of board books let Kay carry her favourite stories around with her wherever she goes.

Creature Colours by Andrew Zuckerman

Creature Colors board bookThis simple little board book features big, bright, and attractive photos of animals on white backgrounds paired with the colour name: blue, pink, red, brown, black, green, yellow, gray, orange, and white. Kay loves showing off that she knows all the colours and “reading” the book to me.

She’s particularly drawn to the colourful animal pictures. There’s something so adorable about a two-year-old shouting out “Famin-go! Pink!”


Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Little Pea board bookAfter ten years in print, this classic story is now being released by Chronicle Books in board book format.

In this cute topsy turvy tale, Little Pea’s life is pretty good… until dinner time. Poor Little Pea does not want to eat his candy dinner, but Mama Pea insists he must eat five pieces before he can have his dessert – a big yummy bowl of spinach!

My four-year-old immediately made the connection between Little Pea and herself, though she thought the idea of anybody not liking candy was ridiculous!

You Are My Heart by Marianne Richmond

You Are My HeartYou Are My Heart is the newest book from popular author and illustrator Marianne Richmond. Rhyming couplets express the joy and wonder of parenthood. Simple watercolour paintings depict mommies and daddies and children of all types.

What I particularly appreciated was the recognition that life isn’t always hugs and giggles:

“Yes, you are my patience that gets put to the test when the day feels hard and WE BOTH need a rest.

You are also my grace when we learn how to say, “I made a mistake – let’s start a new way.”


Reading Planet Kindergarten

We also received some picture books perfect for reading together at bedtime.

Planet Kindergarten by Sue Ganz-Schmitt

Planet KindergartenTee is turning five next month which means she should be starting kindergarten this September. She’s in Montessori school though, and Montessori classrooms group three to five-year-olds together in one multi-year class. She won’t have the same kind of transition as most other five-year-olds, but either way this large and colourful picture book is a fun way of helping little ones get ready for their first day of kindergarten.

From what I can remember of my own first day, it really was like another planet full of alien children and strange rituals. This story will walk your little one through the preparation, anticipation, and fears related to his or her big mission, and then the thrill of success at the end of the day.

Ben Draws Trouble by Matt Davies

Ben Draws TroubleBen loves to draw all the time, even when he’s not supposed to. But when his secret sketchbook (Private. KEEP OUT!) is discovered, his classmates and his teacher get a look at everything and everyone that he’s been drawing in there. Uh-oh! Fortunately, his teacher appreciates Ben’s talent and gives him a whole new outlet for his art.

I particularly enjoyed Matt Davies’ award-winning cartoon illustration style. He effortlessly captures Ben and his classmates’ facial expressions and quirks with just a few strokes of the pen. A fun read! Coming April 2015.

A Wonderful Year by Nick Bruel

A Wonderful Year - Nick BruelBy the author of the well-known Bad Kitty series, this lively book contains four interrelated stories themed around the four seasons and told in comic book style panels. The wonderful year starts in “Winter Wear” when the unnamed girl who stars in every story is instructed by everyone she meets to add more and more layers of clothing to stay warm. But by the time she’s finally done bundling up, winter is over!

“Spring Splendor” teaches us a joyful lesson on friendship between the girl, her trusty dog sidekick, and a grumpy cat. Then comes the bizarre “Summer Sidewalks” story. Summer is hot. I mean really hot. Luckily, the girl’s big, purple hippo pal knows just what to do to put her back together again.

The final story, “Fall Foliage,” takes an unexpected turn away from the off the wall humour of the previous stories to a more tender and thoughtful tone. In this tale, the girl is reading A Wonderful Year under the shade of her tree friend. She comforts the tree when its leaves turn colours and begin to fall, and the tree gives her its last leaf to keep in her book.

And now here’s a chance to win your own copy of A Wonderful Year!

Win a Copy of A Wonderful Year

Win a hardcover copy of "A Wonderful Year" (CAN, 3/9)

One lucky reader will win a hardcover copy of A Wonderful Year by Nick Bruel, courtesy of Raincoast Books. Enter in the giveaway widget below. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada only, 18+. Entries will be verified.

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