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Beauty and the Beast Play Date at Toys “R” Us on March 25

I was in high school when Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast first came out. Even though I might not have been the target audience, I loved it anyway. As another smart, bookish girl, I identified with Belle. I loved the music, the animation, and who wouldn’t be charmed by walking, talking, wisecracking furniture? My kids have seen the animated movie countless times and even attended a live performance at Theatre Under the Stars last summer.

So believe me when I say we’re all very excited for the new live action remake hitting theatres on March 17 and starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, and Emma Thompson. I mean, Emma Watson as Belle sounds like spot-on casting to me! Knowing she’s playing the title role makes my Harry Potter and Hermione-loving kids even more excited to see this movie. We can’t wait!

Beauty and the Beast Make and Take Play Event

To celebrate the release of Beauty and the Beast, Disney has partnered with Hasbro and Toys “R” Us to host a fun in-store Make and Take Play Date event on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Kids can create and take home a Play-Doh rose, build and take home a LEGO Mini Cogsworth, and enter to win a Beauty and the Beast Prize Pack in store.

I have a special bonus for you too: until April 30, 2017, use promo code OliviaL to get 15% off regularly priced Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie products at Toys “R” Us!

New Beauty and the Beast Live Action Toys

We recently had the chance to check out some of Hasbro’s new Disney Beauty and the Beast toys, and I figured we’d give you all a sneak peek!

The flagship toy of this new line is the Disney Beauty and the Best Grand Romance Beauty and the Beast Set. These premium dolls have a truly impressive level of detail. Beast’s head, arms, and legs are hard plastic covered with soft flocking to simulate fur. His silky blue outfit is gorgeously decorated with gold foil and touches of real lace. He even has tiny painted claws on his hands! Everything comes assembled except for the tail which is simple to pop in.

Belle is also fantastically well done. Her dress is decorated with gold foil and comes with two sheer overskirts. She comes with pretty spool heeled shoes, a necklace, and matching hair accessory. In addition to the usual neck, shoulders, and hip joints, she has extra points of articulation in her elbows and wrists that most Hasbro dolls don’t have. The face mould is supposed to resemble Emma Watson in the movie, but to be honest I don’t really see it. The box is a nice little bonus – be careful unboxing and the kids can use it as a ballroom backdrop while they’re playing.

Then there’s Enchanting Ball Gown Belle. This is the same doll that comes in the Grand Romance set, but in a slightly different dress. On this dress, the gold markings are glitter instead of foil, and there are an almost unheard of five layers of fabric in the skirt. Another deluxe outfit!

My girls are on a miniatures kick right now, so they were especially excited to open up the Castle Friends Collection and Enchanted Rose Scene sets.

As soon as we opened up the Castle Friends Collection, we noticed the unexpected texture of the figurines. We’re used to Hasbro’s hard plastic Little Kingdom toys, but these are made from soft and pliable plastic. (Tee thought they felt kind of like gummy bears.) As you can see, they’re very detailed for their size and my girls have really enjoyed posing them and playing with them. Most are easy to pose, but Lumière needs a small plastic stand (included) to allow him to stand upright, and the feather duster has a slightly rounded bottom which makes balancing her upright a bit challenging.

The second miniatures set has Belle, the Beast, a table, and the magic rose under glass. Belle measures 4.25″ tall, and the Beast is 4.75″. Both characters are solid one-piece plastic with no moving parts. The glass does come off the base and the rose can be removed.

Here are all the mini figures together so you can see how the sizes compare. The castle friends are not quite to scale with the Belle and Beast figures, but my kids don’t mind. Any smaller and they’d be too easy to misplace. My girls love these new Beauty and the Beast toys and they can’t wait to see the movie!

Win a Beauty and the Beast Prize Pack!

One of my Canadian readers will win the same assortment of Beauty and the Beast live action toys we reviewed above: a Disney Beauty and the Beast Grand Romance Doll Set of Belle and Beast, Enchanting Ball Gown Belle doll, the Castle Friends Collection, and Enchanted Rose Scene set.

Enter to win this amazing prize pack worth $160 in the giveaway widget below. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, 18+. All the winner’s entries will be verified.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Toys “R” Us in-store Play Date event on Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm! And while you’re at it, grab my promo code OliviaL for 15% off any purchase of live action Beauty and the Beast toys.

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  • I enjoyed the story and costumes in the first version and looking forward to seeing how the new version goes.

  • I loved the soundtrack! I actually heard the soundtrack first (or some of the songs,anyway) when they became part of our daily ballroom dancing practice, before I knew where are they from.

  • The soundtrack and story line from the original movie were really terrific, looking forward to seeing the new movie too.

  • I love the music in the original Disney cartoon and I’m really looking forward to what they do with the music in the new movie!

  • I loved the story line in the original Beauty and the Beast movie and the kids are super excited about seeing this one and i guess i am a bit excited myself.

  • I’m looking forward to watching this new movie with my granddaughters, I’m sure they’ll love it. 🙂

  • I loved the story from the original movie and the songs were great too! I am very excited to see this one now!

  • I can’t wait to see how the live action movie compares to the original. I love the story line and music.

  • I loved the music from the original, still some of my favourite songs. I also love the storyline. Looking forward to seeing the new movie.

  • I cannot wait to see this movie in real life form as opposed to animation and see how it compares to the original. From all the trailers I have seen looks like it is going to be pretty dead on to the animated version which is AMAZING!!!! I like how the chaaracters in the animated movie were so similar to them as actual people when the spell was broken 🙂

  • I really love the original, so in this version I’m looking forward to how the animated creatures blend in with the live-action and if they changed the story at all.

  • I really loved the original. So beautiful, the costumes, the music and the beast was amazing. I would like to see how realistic it is now.. I am hoping they stick to the original story, will be interesting how it turns out.

  • I’m looking forward to see the real live version compare to the animated one! I love the animated version, such a beautiful story line! Thank you!

  • I liked the music from the movie and I like it because it goes with what’s happening in the movie and it all sounds beautiful

  • I’m actually wanting to see how realistic the ‘beast’ looks. In a cartoon it’s different and i always like to see how they computerize it and the effects in the new one. I just like the overall story.

  • I want to see how close the live version is to the animated one, there is many times that the producers change the storyline, but if it’s very close to the animated version I will love it!!

  • I’ve never seen any of the Beauty and the Beast movies!?!? My kids are at the age where Disney movies aren’t too scary for them so I’d love to show them this.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  • I enjoyed the storyline and music in the original movie, and I am really looking forward to seeing the new one!

  • I love the songs in the original Disney version and can’t wait to see how they are interpreted, or not, in the new film.

  • I absolutely love the live action versions of Disney classic films that they have been making in recent years and it’s always a special time for myself and my daughter to share together! Such great mommy and me time and we always look forward to it. We are counting down the days when we can watch this one together – it looks just as amazing as the rest of them have been.

  • Was completely in love with Chip and Mrs. Potts. The title song done by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson was also very nice. Looking forward to the new film. My daughter, now a tween, will likely appreciate the live action. Almost feels like the next step.

  • One of the things I love most about the movie is the music. It is also love that it is a love story. I cannot wait to see the new movie. We have plans to go this weekend.

  • I always loved how spirited that Belle is in a time when women were not to speak their minds. She stood head and shoulders above the rest!

  • Beauty and the beast is one of my all-time favorite fairytales. I loved the original movie, especially the soundtrack. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new movie.

  • I adored the music in the original — it was so clever and well-done!

    When I was older, I also got a kick out of Gaston’s comment about Belle’s book having “no pictures” — when a few moments earlier she was showing a picture right to the sheep! (He’s not overly observant, is he?)

  • I am most looking forward to the music and the story line and knowing that most of the children watching can learn from this tale.

  • I’m looking forward to this movie for the same reason I love the original: a wonderful classic story of love & compassion, along with characters that I adore! And Belle is smart & independent…a true princess!

  • What I loved most about the movie growing up was Mrs Pots and Chip! She was such a sweet mama to her little tea cups!

  • I guess I was really enchanted by the beautiful music and the animated characters in the original movie.I am most looking forward to hearing these songs again and watching this with real performers in it.

  • I was a child the first time I saw Disney’s original Beauty & The Beast; I loved the music, I loved how funny the Beast was and also how strong Belle was. I am excited to see the new movie; I have heard its a more modern incarnation with strong characters.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing the new movie because the actors are all fairly famous and I think it will be a great remake.!

  • I loved the original Beauty and the Beast movie because it had a great story line. I also loved the music, the songs stuck in my head for day. I’m really looking forward to see the new movie as well.

  • I am looking forward to watching Emma Watson portray an animated heroine. I still think of her as Hermione which was a pretty sassy role.