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It’s been a good summer, but I’m not entirely sorry to see us wrapping it up and heading towards crisp autumn days, crunchy leaves, and our regular routines. Today was Tee’s first day back at her Montessori preschool. She’s been getting more and more excited over the last week, looking forward to seeing her friends and teacher after the long summer break.

Despite all our best intentions, we never quite got her summer bedtime pushed back to a more reasonable hour before September, so this morning was a bit of a challenge getting her out of bed. But once she was awake, she was pretty excited about going back. Check out her smile!

1st day of preschool 2014

1st day of Preschool Sep 3, 2014. I want to play soccer & be a dentist when I grow up.

Tee was a little hesitant going in the classroom door, but by the time I came to pick her up she had settled back into her familiar school routine and already looking forward to tomorrow. This is her second year at preschool which means she’ll get opportunities to help mentor some of the incoming three-year-olds. We both think that’s pretty cool!

She loved it so much that she wanted to play school as soon as she got home. Tee pretended to be the teacher taking attendance and explaining the classroom rules to all her new “students” (AKA her little sister and a couple of stuffed animals).

Now that Tee’s in full day classes, I’m looking forward to getting a little more time for myself during the day. I’ll still have Kay home with me, but when the girls are separate they’re way easier to manage. Kay has always been more easygoing than her big sister and she’s easily able to play quietly while I’m doing work around the house or on my blog.

I’m going to miss the sunshine and lazy days, but the start of a new school year is exciting in its own way. Who knows what the year will bring? What will Tee learn? What new interests she will discover? The possibilities seem endless right now. Welcome back!

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  • That’s so wonderful that she has a fire in her for school! A mentor, huh? That is one amazing little girl you have!

  • She looks so excited here! I don’t get first day of school pics nowadays, 16 yr olds don’t have that same enthusiasm lol. But I did get an after school photo of my boy holding his baby sister, she was more than happy to see him get off the school bus. THAT was priceless.

    I remember when my boy started school full time (waaay back), I didn’t know what to do with myself lol.

  • So exciting! I have a preschool aged kiddo, but I’m not ready to send her out yet. Haha! The thoughts of a quieter day with her younger siblings is tempting though.