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It’s Baby and Kids’ Healthy Sleep Month at Dream Designs

Tee just turned six, and I’m a little embarrassed to say she’s still sleeping in her old toddler bed. It’s way past time for her to move to a big kid bed. She’s always been on the smaller side, and it’s not like her head’s pressed up against the headboard or anything, but all of a sudden she looks ridiculous in her old bed. So now I’m looking for just the right bed, and the right bedding, for her.

From the very first moment I found out I was pregnant, I’ve always searched for the healthiest option I could provide for my children. I interviewed a couple different midwives to find the right one for us. I spent hours researching the safest car seat I could get for my budget. Kids spend nearly half of their lives in bed so I know a healthful and comfortable sleep environment is also vital to their growth and development.

Organic cotton bedding from Dream Designs

It’s Baby & Kids’ Healthy Sleep Month at Dream Designs, a natural lifestyle business based in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, so there’s so better time to shop for organic and natural healthy bedding! Maybe you’re creating a whole new room like me, or maybe you’d just like to refresh your child’s room with some new linens. Dream Designs’ talented team of local designers and seamstresses works with premium organic and natural materials to create beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly textiles for the entire home.

All baby and kids’ bedding, linens, and mattresses are 20% off until April 15! Enter code CHERRY at checkout to receive your discount.

Dream Designs Baby & Kids Sale

Dream Designs carries a full selection of made in Canada organic baby and kids linens and comforters. Organic cotton means less pesticides and environmental damage, and that means healthier sleep and a healthier planet to hand down to our children. Knowing that my kids are sleeping on healthy, lab tested non-toxic bedding helps me sleep better at night.

Mix and match colours to create an organic cotton sateen bedding set customized for your child’s room and personality, then complete the set with a washable wool duvet made in Vancouver, Canada from quality New Zealand wool.

Or how about sweet nature-inspired prints like this organic cotton bedding for either the crib or twin bed?

Owl & Birds Organic Bedding

Visit Dream Designs to browse their full selection of healthy and organic bedding and apparel or find a store near you! Don’t forget to use discount code CHERRY before April 15 for 20% off. Shipping to Canada and the US is always free on orders over $300 (excluding mattresses).

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation. Nevertheless, all opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I work with preschoolers and they have a hour of rest time daily. Their brain are still growing and sleep helps.

  • Loving all this bedding with organic materials!! We all have allergies and skin sensitivities in this house so Im excited to see less chemicals in everything!! Especially bedding!!

  • Cute bedding and sleep sets! Sleep is so important and I find that parents/adult inadvertently sabotage it for kids.

  • A lot of kids being on the market is made of inferior, cheap feeling fabrics that don’t last. I’m glad there are still companies out there that care about quality fabrics and being good to the environment, all without pricing out the average consumer. Great job, Dream Designs!

  • I must admit that I was surprised that children’s clothing wasn’t all pure cotton when I came here. My kids were always in cotton. I’m happy to see things are changing slowly but surely with companies like this one 🙂

  • The bedding looks so comfy and I love the designs, and the kids will sleep better if they are comfy!!

  • I love the bedding! I hope one of these days we can buy our son an organic cotton bed, or at least sheets! Thank you so much for the review.

  • Wow the bedding is absolutely stunning…..It is also Nice to find quality items that are budget friendly 🙂

  • Dream Designs has the cutest patterns! I love that they are made from organic materials, perfect for the littles sensitive skin! 🙂