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Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table Review

I was recently asked to check out this Discovering Music Activity Table from Baby Einstein. This ended up being great timing as Kay was just about to celebrate her second birthday, and this activity table was a wonderful birthday surprise for her. In fact, it would make a great birthday present for any little one!

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

The very first thing I checked out was the volume control. I love that the Baby Einstein Activity Table has two volume settings, neither of which is too loud. I have several toys that have mysteriously “lost” their batteries, because they’re just too loud or intrusive. (Don’t judge, I bet you have those too!)

Just flip the leaf in the middle to select the discovery or music setting. On the discovery setting Kay can learn basic shapes (square, triangle, circle, and star), colour identification (red, blue, yellow, green, and orange) and counting from 1-5. The soft female voice also says the names of the instruments and animals on the shapes (duck/violin, cat/xylophone, dog/flute, bard/harp).

The music mode introduces musical instruments (piano, guitar, drum, and French horn) and songs featuring each instrument. Each station plays a selection of songs, and Kay can either free play on the keyboard or press the keys for preset melodies. While the music is electronic, it isn’t tinny or grating at all so even when Kay played for 20 minutes or more, it didn’t get irritating. The sunny face, drum, and piano keys flash in time with the music. 

The Discovering Music Activity Table has three language settings – English, French, and Spanish – so Kay could theoretically learn colours, shapes, and numbers in French and Spanish. I’m going to be honest with you though, and admit I’m not that likely to change the languages. I imagine it will most likely be French-speakers using the French setting and Spanish-speakers setting it to Spanish, but the option is there if you want it.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

When I was first approached about reviewing this activity table, I thought it might be too young for my kids. But when I took a second glance, I realized that it’s perfect for two-year-old Kay as she’s learning to identify colours, appreciate music, and count right now. The specs say it’s designed for ages 6-36 months, and that looks about right to me. You can see how much fun Kay is having with this, and even my four-year-old plays with it once in a while. She likes the musical instruments and the funny sound the “bard” (which looks more like an alien dinosaur to me) makes.

The table is surprisingly light so it won’t hurt if it falls over onto baby. My two-year-old can easily pick it up and carry it around. And for younger babies, the legs are easy to remove for play on the floor.

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

My only criticism is I wish the legs were better designed. The legs slide on our hard floors because they don’t have any kind of rubber grips on the bottom (this wouldn’t be an issue on carpet) and they wobble when the kids lean on the table. I don’t think you’d want your child to climb or sit on it because of that. I know it’s not meant for that, but let’s be honest – toddlers will climb, sit, or stand on anything that will hold still for long enough (including the cat, unfortunately) so I think their toys should be built with that in mind.

Overall though, this is an attractive activity table that will grow with your baby. Little ones will like the flashing lights and sounds and enjoy discovering cause and effect. Pre-walkers can lean on the table for support (on carpet only) while they explore the musical sounds, and older toddlers will love playing music and learning basic words and concepts.


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The Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table is available at, Babies R Us Canada, and other major retailers.

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  • Love this activity table. I like that the volume is not loud. I like that it has the different languages, not too many toys out there have that. I’m raising my boys in both english and french.

  • The activity table is very nice,looks like she is enjoying it, . I really like that it has the different languages,this option is hard to find

  • First thing I would check on is the volume control as well lol. I try to avoid anything that requires batteries, but sometimes you just can’t. Great activity table, lots to keep them busy!

  • This looks like a great toy with lots of different sensory experiences. It would make a perfect gift for that little one on your shopping list!

    • There’s a little button at the very top of the leg where it attaches to the table. Pressing that depresses the catch and the leg should just come right off. 🙂

  • The newest version if this table doesn’t have those buttons to take off the legs. I am stuck now too. The legs won’t come off!!!!! Any help please!!

    • Sorry, Krissi. Mine has the buttons on the outside (you can see them at the top of the leg in the second picture above) so I have no idea about yours. 🙁

    • There is no way to remove the legs on the new ones. All older models have a button for easy removal. If you try to snap the legs off it will break.. I know from experience

  • Well our son loves it but the new one apparently doesn’t have buttons to remove legs. Grandpa put the legs on to give it to him and when my husband tried to get them off it broke.. Snapped right off :X