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Art Project: Life-Size Self-Portrait

I’ve been slacking on the arts and crafts this summer. What with Kay getting more mobile, and sunshine and outdoor fun calling our names, crafts have kind of taken a back seat. But Tee asked to do some painting this week , so we decided to do a life-size self-portrait while her little sister was napping. Tee loves tracing her hand on every card she makes and picture she draws. She got super excited when I told her we were going to trace her entire body!

self-portrait outline

self-portrait outline2

I remember doing this project when I was in grade one with paint and yarn glued on for hair. I didn’t have any coloured yarn though, so we just used the supplies we had on hand. I used a black crayon for the outline, and Tee decorated her self-portrait with crayons, paint, and stickers. This project can be as simple or as complicated as you like, depending on the supplies you have, the time you want to take, and your child’s attention span. Tee got bored after 45 minutes or so.

life size self-portrait

painting her self-portrait

And here is Tee’s masterpiece! For your reference, the blue bits at the top are clouds. That black scribble with the pink heart by her hand is our cat, Zephyr. The hard-to-see orange scribble with the yellow flower by her other hand is our grey(!) dog, Kallie. Those big red heart stickers are her sunglasses, and the little pink heart is her nose. I asked her why the hair was red, and she said because she wants long, long, red hair. And why, yes, that is a lovely shade of nail polish on her manicured little fingernails!

Preschool Craft: Life-Size Self-Portrait

I’d like to try this same project again next summer and compare the two to see how Tee’s skills have improved. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a whole series of these life-size self-portraits, each one year older and taller?
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