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Are Your Feet Sandal Ready?

Fair warning, this post is about feet, and it ain’t pretty!

We’ve had more than our fair share of gorgeous weather this summer. Lots of hot, sunny days, or in other words, sandal weather! I live in my sandals all summer, but to be honest I’ve been a little embarrassed about the state of my feet. My heels are dry, flaky, and cracked. It bugs me every time I feel the rough skin catch on my sheets in bed, and they’re just not something I want anybody taking a close look at.

But in the interests of sharing what’s worked for me, I’m going to show you anyway. Deep breath… Here are my fugly feet.

Dry, flaky, cracked heels - not pretty!


In the past I’ve used pumice stones and foot files to try and fix my heels, but it takes a lot of time and frankly it’s a pain in the butt, so I usually don’t bother. (As I think you can tell from the state of my feet!) I recently had the chance to try out the MICRO Pedi at-home pedicure system though, and it was like a little light went off. There is in fact a better, easier way!

The MICRO Pedi at-home pedicure kit gently buffs away dry, hard skin.

The MICRO Pedi is super simple to use. It comes with an extra coarse micro-mineral roller already loaded so it’s ready to go right out of the box. Just push the switch on the front and move the head across all the rough spots. The roller spins 30 times a second to gently buff away my dry, rough, hard skin and calluses. It’s best to do this over the tub so you don’t get foot dust all over the floor (yech). Once I’m done, I rinse the dust off and put on some lotion.

The MICRO Pedi really is gentle and safe. It has a safety feature that stops the roller from spinning if I press too hard, so I can’t accidentally sand too much skin off. To clean the machine, I just pop the roller out (very easily done with a push of the button on the side) and quickly rinse off the water-resistant head under the tap. Note that unlike a pumice stone, you can only use the MICRO Pedi on dry skin. Don’t get the roller wet.

The MICRO Pedi roller stops spinning if you press too hard.

I’ve used my MICRO Pedi six times so far and I love how easy it is to use, especially compared to my old pumice stone. It’s a lot easier to reach everywhere, and the little machine does all the work for me. It uses 2 AA batteries which I haven’t had to change yet. The rollers do wear out eventually though. I can tell that mine is losing its rough finish, so I suspect it’s time to pick up a replacement. But now that my feet are looking good I won’t need to use it as often to maintain the results, and that will save on rollers and batteries.

Take a look! I’m so happy with my results. My heels are soft, smooth, and ready for sandals and summer!

What a difference the MICRO Pedi made! Soft, smooth heels ready for sandals and summer.


But sandal-ready feet are more than just heels! I also received this Manicure/Pedicure extension kit to try. It’s an add-on that works with the MICRO Pedi machine to smoothe, shape, and buff your nails.

The MICRO Pedi Manicure/Pedicure extension kit comes with 5 attachments to shape and buff your nails.

The kit comes with a little rotating drum that you insert in place of the buffing roller, along with five separate attachment heads that fit into the drum:

  • Cuticle tool – pushes your cuticles back
  • Fine shaping tool – contours your nails
  • Shaping tool – smooths the nail surfaces before buffing
  • Emery tool – files your nails to the desired shape
  • Buffing tool – buffs the nail surface for shiny, healthy-looking nails

While I did use the mani/pedi attachments on both my fingernails and my toenails, I draw the line at showing off a close-up of my toes on the Internet. So here’s the obligatory before and after shot, but of my hand.

Before and After using the MICRO Pedi Manicure/Pedicure Extension Kit.

The mani/pedi kit did a good job of cleaning up my cuticles and smoothing out the ridges in my nails. I think I got a better shine with my old buffing nail file though, because I can’t press the MICRO Pedi too firmly or the drum stops spinning. I can tell I’m going to need some practice using the tool in my left hand. This is one of those times it sure would be nice to be ambidextrous!

Now that my feet and my nails are all pretty, next step is some bright, summery nail polish and a pair of strappy sandals. Then maybe a dinner date with hubby!

You can shop for MICRO Pedi products from MICRO Pedi, Amazon, Shoppers Drug Mart, or London Drugs.


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