April Baby Names

Spring is finally here, bringing lush new growth and life-giving rain. The earth is warming, trees and flowers are blooming, and mamas both human and animal are welcoming their babies. 

This month is a natural fit for both Earth Day and Easter, inspiring several of the names on our list. So if you’re expecting a new baby this April, here are 29 baby names perfectly suited to this time of year. 

April Baby Names for Girls

Anastasia means resurrection, making it suitable for an Easter or spring baby (Greek).

April – no explanation needed!

Aviva means springlike and fresh (Hebrew).

Avril means April in French.

Diamond is April’s birthstone. Perfect for the most precious bundle you’ll ever hold.

Daisy is April’s birth flower and ideal for a cheerful April baby.

Dima means rain (Arabic).

Haruko means spring child (Japanese).

Cerelia/Cerella means related to springtime (Latin).

Medini means Earth (Sanskrit).

Nastasia is a variant of Anastasia meaning resurrection (Russian).

Rain is a simple, sweet name suitable for a spring baby.

Terra means earth (Latin).

Verna means spring (Latin).

Vesna means spring and also refers to Vesna, an ancient Slavic goddess of spring (Slavic).

April Baby Names for Boys

Aaron means forest and strength (Arabic).

Aviv means springlike (Hebrew).

Forest/Forrest is a perfectly green name for an April baby.

Gardner means gardener (German).

Guthrie means windy place (Irish/Scottish).

Holt means son of the unspoiled forest (Old English).

Jarek means spring (Slavic).

Jinan means garden (Arabic).

Kell/Kelle means slender and also suggests spring shades of kelly green (Irish).

Loden is both a muted mossy green colour, as well as a water-resistant woolen fabric in the same colour, making this a uniquely suitable name for an April baby.

Mahin means earth (Sanskrit).

Pascal/Pasquale means Easter (Latin).

Terran means from the earth (Latin).

Vasant means spring (Sanskrit).

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