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AppleCheeks NEW Learning Pants Review

It’s an exciting time in my three-year-old’s life! Kay just started preschool last month, we got a new kitchen floor (boy is that ever fun to slide around on in her socks), and she’s been really rocking this potty training thing.

It’s an exciting time over at AppleCheeks headquarters too. After years of customer requests, AppleCheeks has just released the newest addition to their cloth diapering line: Learning Pants!

NEW AppleCheeks Learning Pants come in Appletini (green), St Lucia (blue), and Jem (purple).

NEW AppleCheeks Learning Pants come in Appletini (green), St Lucia (blue), and Jem (purple).

Brand new AppleCheeks Learning Pants come in three colours and three sizes:

  • Small (size 2/3) – fits approximately 18-25 lbs
  • Medium (size 3/4) – fits approximately 25-35 lbs
  • Large (size 5/6) – fits approximately 30-45+ lbs

These learning pants look and fit remarkably like underwear, with soft, wide leg elastics. The outside has waterproof PUL through the crotch and high up the front and back, along with two layers of microfiber sewn in to absorb little accidents.

AppleCheeks Learning Pants come with a microfiber booster included

AppleCheeks Learning Pants

These trainers have a narrow pocket and come with a microfiber booster for kids who need just a little bit more absorbency. To be honest, I found the pocket kind of a pain to stuff though, because the crotch is so much narrower than a traditional pocket diaper. In this case, I wish it had a sleeve style pocket so I could grab the other end of the insert and pull it through. Fortunately, you don’t need to take the booster out and restuff with every use like you would with a diaper.

AppleCheeks Learning Pants come with a pocket and a microfiber booster for extra absorbency

Kay is three years old and 33 pounds, so we went with a size medium. The sizes are labeled with suggested ages, but I would recommend going with the weight ranges instead as they seemed to be more accurate for my little one. For example, all Kay’s pants and clothes are size 3, but there’s no way she would have fit into a size small despite the suggested size 2/3 (weight range of 18-25 pounds).

AppleCheeks Learning Pants look and fit like underwear

It’s important to understand that trainers aren’t intended to hold a full-on accident. These are just right for Kay though, as she can feel the wetness and catch herself at the start of a leak, then get to the washroom without having to change her pants.

I am in love with how trim these Learning Pants are! You really can’t tell that Kay’s wearing them under her jeans. They feel just like underwear to her, and she has no problem pulling them up and down independently as needed. In fact, of all the trainers I’ve used, I would say these ones look and fit the most like regular underwear.

AppleCheeks Learning Pants are very trim under clothing.

Yes, she wanted to accessorize for her photo opp!

Daytime dryness is pretty much a non-issue at this point, so we’ve been using our AppleCheeks trainer mostly at night. The waterproof PUL extends all the way up the front and up the back, which works really well for overnight protection (i.e., when she’s lying on her front or on her back). The full waterproof PUL and microfiber coverage helps both of us feel more secure at night. After all, I’m sleeping right next to her! I haven’t tested it, but I would expect the PUL coverage up the front to be good protection for little boys too.

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AppleCheeks’ Learning Pants retail for $20.95 USD and $21.95 CAD. Find these at Lagoon Baby in Canada, or try Diaper Junction in the US.

Win a Pair of AppleCheeks Learning Pants!

Win a Pair of AppleCheeks Learning Pants (US/CAN, 10/27)

One of my lucky readers will win a pair of AppleCheeks’ new Learning Pants! The winner can choose size and colour. Enter to win in the giveaway widget below. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US, 18+. All entries will be verified.

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  • Id love the st lucia blue and the appletini colors love the wide variety in sizes. Also like the pockets they have where the openings are this is awesome.???

  • I would get a size medium in St. Lucia. I like that they include a booster to help when my daughter has an accident. (Potty training is hard.)

  • We’re getting close to potty learning. Jem in size small would be awesome!! We do not have any trainers yet…been waiting for AC’s!! Thanks for the chance!

  • I would choose Appletini in size medium. I like that they come with a pocket and a booster for a little extra protection. Thank you!

  • I would get a blue size large. Even though my so. Isn’t too big yet, I’m afraide that the medium size might not fit properly.

  • I would go with pink and size medium, I am planning on potty training one of my twins soon so this will be helpful.

  • I would choose the St Lucia in size large, based on your recommendation about sizing – my 2 year old is already 37 pounds, so I am choosing based on her weight. She wears size 3 and 4 clothing, but I still would worry that the medium would be too small, and at least the large would be able to be worn for a longer period of time too. My favourite feature is that they really look and feel like underwear – I would love that for my little one.

  • I’d like a size med in appletini and I like that these are like underwear easy on and off for the kids.

  • I would choose St. Lucia in Medium! My little guy is learning to potty train and regular underwear is just not cutting it when he has small accidents!

  • I’d love a St. Lucia in size medium. I like that they have the convenience of underwear with the leak protection of diapers. These would be great for my potty training kids!

  • Ohh I like them all I would go with appletini because I can use with daughter and son, or Jem. I think I would go with medium or Small

  • I’d love to get a small St. Lucia for my youngest son. I’m excited to see how trim they are, just like regular underwear. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • I would pick St.Lucia in large for my son! Super excited that they look like cool underwear but are accommodating for little accidents. LOVE that they’re called learning pants!

  • I would choose St. Lucia. It’s one of my favorite colors in the AC line. My son would need a size medium based on weight.

  • I would go with medium pink to try overnight, my toddler is at 26 lbs so I am thinking we’d go up not down…

  • I would choose Jem in size small. My 17 month old just told me she had pooped in her diaper yesterday. Is it weird that I’m hoping it was just a fluke thing because I’m not ready to give up our fluff? ?

  • I would choose the Appletini in size medium. My almost-2-year old has been potty training for over a month now – she is rocking it!! But she, too, still often leaks a little bit before catching herself. We have a few trainers of a different brand, and we love the convenience of them. I would love to get more, and AppleCheeks has some great products! Thanks for the opportunity & review!

  • I would choose St. Lucia in medium! I love that they have a booster to help with accidents. So excited to try these out. Thanks!

  • I must be missing it as I couldn’t find these on the Applecheeks website. But if they have green that’s what I’d choose. I like that they’re sized and have a booster.

  • If I won this pair of learning pants I would definitely need the 5/6 (or bigger!) and in blue or green. My 4.5 yr old son still has wetting at night and we really need a solution that is easier for him to put on and pull off himself- our current setup catches it all but it’s so big and bulky we have to help him, which means that he’ll end up peeing in it when he’s still awake because it’s easier for him…or something…I don’t really know why he does it 🙁

    I love the underwear look and feel, it’s being easy on- and off for kids- although I’m a little wary of the PUL not being all the way up to the top….but we shall see!