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AMP One Size Duo Pocket #ClothDiaper Review

We love our cloth diapers, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Canadian diapers hold a special place in my heart. Today I’m reviewing an AMP One Size Duo pocket diaper in this gorgeous sugar plum colour with a two layer bamboo insert and two layer hemp booster. In case you were wondering, AMP stands for Annie Marie Padorie, the mom of five and designer of these made in Canada diapers.AMP OS Sugarplum

Anatomy of an AMP One Size Duo Pocket Diaper

The AMP OS Duo diaper is designed to fit babies from 7-35 pounds and comes in snaps only. One of my favourite things about AMP diapers is the rainbow of 21 colours and 8 prints they come in! The outside shell is waterproof PUL, and the inside is stay dry microfleece. The pocket opening is located at the front of the diaper to minimize contact with poop. Both the front and the back are elasticized for a better fit. The AMP OS has two rows of eight snaps across the front to adjust the waist and leg holes. The wide rounded wings have two snaps each, but no crossover or hip snaps.

AMP OS diaper features

The three rows of rise snaps allow you to adjust the rise to small, medium, and large.

AMP OS Duo size comparison

AMP offers several different styles and types of inserts and boosters that can be mixed and matched to suit your baby’s needs. I received a 2 layer hemp booster and 2 layer fleecy bamboo insert made from 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton. After prepping, the insert measured about 13″ x 10″. 

AMP bamboo & hemp inserts

Diaper Fit & Performance

AMP Duo diapers can be used either as a pocket diaper or as an AI2 (All-in-2) with the insert folded and laid inside the shell. I prefer pocket-style as I don’t like the idea of reusing the shell when I can’t wipe it down between uses. The pocket opening is nice and wide –  easy to stuff for daddy hands and plenty of room to add extra inserts or boosters as needed. Kay is 26 months old and currently 28 pounds. I played around with the fit of this diaper a bit as she seems to be right in between the medium rise and large (unsnapped) rise. Here she has her AMP snapped down to medium, and you can see that it’s ever so slightly on the low side. I decided to go with the lower rise to keep it snug around her legs.

AMP OS collage

I really like the elasticized front which helps stop tummy leaks. The leg elastic has average stretch and stiffness, and Keira didn’t get any red marks from this diaper. I love the ruffled edges too, almost identical to the look of AppleCheeks envelope covers. During the day I’ve been using just the two layer bamboo insert. I like the versatility of this fold-your-own style of insert as it can be folded into thirds widthwise for six layers in the soaker zone, or folded into half lengthwise for a trimmer four layers of absorption.

Once it was properly prepped, I was impressed with just how much this insert could absorb. I didn’t add the hemp booster during the day because it was just too bulky, but it worked great for extra absorbency during naps and even a couple of overnights. We did not have any leaks in our testing period. Like any natural fiber inserts, both the bamboo/cotton blend insert and hemp booster needed to be washed several times to remove the natural oils before using them. (AMP recommends a minimum of four times.) I definitely prefer this style of insert because it’s easier to get clean and much quicker to dry. The bamboo insert and hemp booster combo was bullet-proof. I hardly ever use pockets at night as they rarely make the cut, but this did the job.

Final Thoughts

The AMP OS Duo diaper is meant to fit from around birth through to potty training. Not having to buy new diapers for each size makes diapering more economical, but there is a bit of a trade off in trimness. There’s quite a bit of stretch in the leg elastics, so it looks like it will fit most babies, but like the majority of one size diapers I doubt it will fit a newborn very well. I love AMP Diapers’ range of bamboo and hemp inserts that allow you to “build” the perfect diaper for your baby, and I really love that AMP is a Canadian company that manufactures its diapers right here in Canada (in Winnipeg, Manitoba) in safe and comfortable working conditions.


The AMP OS Duo diaper (no insert) regularly retails for $20. The 2 layer bamboo insert retails for $7.95, and hemp booster for $3.75. Shop for AMP diapers at my local retailer, Lagoon Baby.

Disclosure: I received a sample item for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I like that this is a OS diaper, but I didn’t know that you trade trimness for the economical advantage of OS diapers. I don’t think I have seen a pocket diaper with the pocket in the front. Makes a lot of sense though!! I also have not seen round wings. Thank you!

  • It fits 7-35 pounds and comes in 21 colors and 8 patterns!?! So much versatility and options. And the price is super reasonable too, especially for lasting from newborn to potty training.

  • I’ve never tried an AMP… I would love to though. I loved this review and the on the bum action shot. Although I love a trim diaper they they still look trimmer than a lot I’ve owned.

  • These look amazing!! I’ve always said I wanted to use clothe diapers. I had a 3yr old and 1 yr old in diapers and it was a struggle. Now here I am 8yrs later and I would love nothing more then to be able to not only save $$ but help the environment!!!