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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Here’s a fun fact about me! Before my kids came along, I used to design, hand sew, and sell one of a kind artist bears. September 9 is Teddy Bear Day, so to celebrate I wanted to share with you some of the teddy bears I’ve made!

Do you still have your childhood teddy bear?

Happy Teddy Bear Day

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  • Those look so cool! I love their proportions. Do you think you’ll get back into it sometime? I also don’t think I had a childhood teddy bear! Hmm.

    • Thanks, Melissa! The look of my bears has definitely evolved as I continued making them. I’d love to get back into it, maybe when the kids are a little older.

  • Those are AMAZING! I would definitely add those to my collection! I was just talking to my husband about how disappointed I am that I no longer have my childhood teddy bear. But back to your creations – wow. You are one talented mama! Love them.

  • Those are cute! I still have my childhood teddy bears (and cabbage patch). I’ve also got my siblings stuffed animals and my sons…all sitting in a plastic bin. Just can’t part with them.

    • I had most of mine in a big plastic bag that got accidentally thrown out in a move. πŸ™ Thankfully my most loved bear was not in there, but I was pretty upset.

  • Awwwww! I love that one on the right with the pink nose soooo much!!


  • Those are amazing!
    I kept a good majority of the teddy bears that I had during my childhood, and passed them down to my children.

  • these teddies are amazing, you did a wonderful job making them they look very professional. I don’t remember having had a teddy as a child but my oldest son (37) still has his – as flat as a pancake but still loved to bits.

  • I love this! I think I’m going to turn Teddy Bear Day into an actual holiday at our house—Perhaps with a bear themed cake and teddy bear stories to be read throughout the day, etc. I had my favorite bear, Theodore D. Bear (Ted D. Bear, or Ted for short). God rest his soul, his head fell off after many years of love, and he had to be buried. πŸ˜‰ He came with me to all of my doctors’ appointments and surgeries.