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Ainste Minimal Wallets are Perfect for Dads and Grads

With Father’s Day fast coming up, I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a gift that hubs would find useful and fun to receive. He doesn’t wear ties or go golfing or fishing, so those old standbys are out. And then I remembered that hubs regularly complains about his wallet being too thick. Not with cash (wouldn’t that be nice?), but because it’s stuffed with everything else – his driver’s license, credit cards, rewards cards, receipts, pictures, and random pieces of paper.

I’m not one to talk as I carry most of my life in my wallet and purse, but given that he has to carry his wallet in his pocket, I do get it. Remember that Seinfeld episode with George Castanza’s exploding wallet? Well, hubs is kind of going that way. So my genius idea was to give him a modern, functional, and ultra slim wallet that will keep him from sitting lopsided.

Ainste first launched their minimal wallets via Kickstarter in January of 2013. Since then, they’ve grown by leaps and bounds. The founders of Ainste (pronounced Ae-in-st) draw their inspiration from the success, genius, and creativity of Amazon, EINstein, and STEve Jobs. I received one of their new RFID multiple wallets, a small RFID Evan wallet in dark purple, and the suede version of their small Evan wallet for review. I passed these along to hubs to test out.

Ainste minimal wallets

RFID Shielding

But first, what’s RFID and why do you need protection? Many passports and credit cards are now embedded with RFID (radio frequency identification tags). These tags contain your personal and financial information and let you complete transactions without swiping. Unfortunately, anybody can purchase an RFID reader which could potentially compromise your information. Ainste RFID wallets have blocking shields that help protect your enhanced ID, passport, and credit cards from unauthorized RFID readers.

What’s (Not) in Your Wallet?

This RFID multiple wallet is hubs’ favourite and has replaced his former bulky wallet. It’s sleek, sturdy, and exceedingly well-designed. It fits 3-4 cards on each side (2 card slots and a pocket) plus a sleeve in the middle for keeping cash in. This wallet measures 10.7 cm X 7 cm X 0.7 cm and weighs only 0.8 ounces.

The Ainste RFID multiple wallet is ultra slim

Look at the size difference between hubs’ old wallet and the new Ainste RFID multiple wallet! His new wallet fits so much better in his front pocket, and he doesn’t have to take it out to sit comfortably. Now that it’s almost summer and hubs isn’t wearing a jacket, a minimal wallet that fits easily in his pocket is a must. Not only does it fit better, hubs likes that this wallet basically forces him to stop carrying so much unnecessary stuff around. 7 cards and cash is exactly all he needs to keep with him.

Hubs put all the other cards that he uses occasionally in the purple Evan wallet in the car’s glove compartment. That way he can grab them if he needs them, but he isn’t carrying around all those extra cards in his everyday wallet.

The size small Evan wallet is about the size of a credit card. It measures 9 cm X 6.3 cm X 0.5 cm and weighs in at just 0.7 ounces. It’s basically a folder for your cards, held securely with the signature Ainste rubber band. The Evan will comfortably hold 10 cards and cash folded twice tucked under the Ainste band on the outside. Here’s how it compares to the multiple wallet.

Ainste multiple wallet and small Evan wallet

Ainste multiple wallet and small Evan wallet - thickness comparison

Obviously, the shielding is the major difference between the RFID small Evan and non-RFID small Evan wallets. Cosmetically, the RFID version doesn’t have the stitching around the edges that the regular Evan wallets have. Both come in Saffiano or standard leather finishes. Hubs prefers the Saffiano finish for its durability and crosshatch appearance.

RFID small Evan wallet compared to non-RFID version

Drop Test

Ainste has lots of detailed demo videos on their website showing the features of each wallet. I found them really helpful in understanding the differences between each wallet and deciding which one would best suit hubs. I showed hubs their drop test video, and of course we had to try it for ourselves. We tested all three by chucking them down our stairs. I was pretty impressed to see nothing fell out or even budged. These will definitely keep your credit cards and cash secure!

If you’re not sure which wallet to pick, take a look at this video which gives an overview of all of them. You’re sure to find the perfect wallet here for that special dad or grad in your life.


Follow Ainste on Facebook and Twitter for new products and promotions. This is the best way to find out when wallets are back in stock.


Browse all the wallets available on the website. The RFID multiple wallet retails for $58, the small RFID Evan wallet for $45, and the small Evan wallet with suede interior for $34. Currently, Ainste wallets are selling out almost as fast as they can be listed. Keep an eye on the Facebook page to find out when wallets are restocked.


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