A Special Snack Pack Treat for Back to School! #SnackPackEZO

Next week this time, both my girls will be in school. You know what that means? It’s time to celebrate! Time to celebrate cooler weather and the crunch of fallen leaves under our feet.Time to celebrate a return to routines and early bedtimes. Time to celebrate making new friends over a fresh box of crayons. (And maybe celebrate some me time too – shh!)

September also means a return to school lunches and snacks too. In our house, snacks are usually fruit or maybe some cheese and crackers, but every once in a while I like to pick up a special treat for my girls. This time I have a little stash of Snack Pack puddings to send to school with them. They’re gluten-free, made with skim milk, have 0 trans fat and no preservatives, and come in lots of different flavours.

Snack pack puddings come in all your favourite flavours.

When you have young kids like I do, you get used to opening everything for them. Bottles, oranges, all kinds of wrappers, and pudding cups! But of course I won’t be there at snack time. I needed to know if they could open their pudding on their own, so we had a test run the other day to test Snack Pack’s new redesigned EZO easy open lids.

Good news! The girls were able to open them on their own. Okay, my three-year-old got pudding all over her fingers, but you and I both knew that was going to happen regardless of who opened it.

The Snack Pack EZO lid was easy to open.

I let my girls decide which flavour they wanted to try first. Kay picked chocolate (of course!) and Tee decided to be adventurous and try butterscotch. Of course, they had to try each other’s flavours too. It was so sweet to see them sharing!

Sisters share their pudding!

What was the verdict? No words needed.

All gone!

So for the first day of school, I’m going to pack the girls a little surprise in their lunches: a chocolate Snack Pack and strawberries for dipping! I like to imagine how excited they’ll be to discover these in their Frozen lunchboxes. I think it’s okay to have a treat once in a while, and if the first day of school doesn’t deserve one, then when? For sure this snack won’t be coming home unopened with either of my girls!

Try this snack for back to school: Strawberries 'n Chocolate Pudding Snack Pack

Snack Packs are available at most major grocery stores. Connect on Facebook and visit Snack Pack for more fun recipes and snack ideas!

How are you celebrating back to school? Which Snack Pack flavour would your kids like the most?

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  • I’m glad these are still around! They were my go-to dessert in my lunches. (I packed my own lunches my probably grade 5 or 6.) I remember when I’d forget a spoon I’d be desperately squishing and squeezing and licking (classy) to get out every last drop.

  • I like the size of these little snack packs. Just enough for a sweet indulgence. They are so easy to pack and store too!