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75 Non-Candy Treats Under $10 for Your Easter Basket

Easter will be here before you know it, and like many parents, we try to minimize the amount of sugar, candy, and chocolate our kids eat. A little is fine (hey, I’m not a meanie!), but a whole basket full of sugary treats is too much. Besides, I end up eating half of it, and I really don’t need that either. So we try to keep most of the sugar and chocolate out and substitute small gifts that will last longer than a sugar rush. Here are 75 ideas to inspire you, all for $10 USD or less.

75 Non-Candy Treats for Your Easter Basket

A note about links: At the time of publishing, all items linked on were under $10 USD. Links are geotargeted which means that depending on where you live, you’ll be redirected to your local Amazon website. Unfortunately, that means that some of the linked items might be more than $10 in other currencies. If you look around a bit though, I’m confident you can find other versions of these same ideas locally or online for under $10.

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Arts & Crafts

The kids love arts and crafts, so we always make sure to put lots of supplies in their Easter basket. Here are a few items that seem to always be in demand.

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Outdoor Fun

Now that spring has sprung and summer is on the way, I like to include items that the kids can play with outside.



Rub a dub dub, give them fun in the tub!


Some more ideas to consider putting in the Easter basket.

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  • What a great list of Easter ideas that are not food related! I had to save some of them by putting them on my Amazon wish list for when my LO is older!