7 Tips for Saving Money on Your Las Vegas Getaway

Hubby and I just got back from a Las Vegas getaway. We had so much fun, but there were times we definitely suffered from sticker shock. Vegas can be expensive! But don’t let that put you off the idea. There are lots of ways to save money on your next Las Vegas getaway.

7 Tips for Saving Money in Las Vegas

Plan Your Las Vegas Stay During the Week

Weekday stays are significantly cheaper than weekends, so try to plan your Las Vegas getaway for mid-week if you can. Switching from a Friday to Sunday vacation to a Sunday to Tuesday trip can save you hundreds of dollars.

Work Around Large Convention Dates

Like anything else, supply and demand influence hotel prices. Las Vegas is a popular destination for conventions, small and large, and those large conventions can bring thousands or tens of thousands of visitors to town. Hotel prices will go up on those dates to reflect that demand, so avoid those dates if at all possible. Check the Las Vegas Convention Calendar here before planning your trip.

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Skip the Hotel Buffet

Hotel buffets are expensive, particularly on the Las Vegas strip. You’ll save a lot of money searching out alternate dining options. Many hotels have their own fast food outlets, or you can look for several chain and 24-hour fast food restaurants along the Strip. If you do want to splurge on the fancy buffet during your stay, ask about any 2-for-1 deals at check-in at your hotel. You may also get 2-for-1 coupon incentives when you sign up for a hotel’s casino rewards program.

Drink for Free in Las Vegas

Did you know you can drink for free at Las Vegas casinos? Servers wander the casino floors and will bring you drinks while you’re sitting at a table or slot machine, even at the penny or nickel slots. Stop by the casino before heading out to the show or club for a drink or two “on the house”. Public consumption of liquor in public and on the street is legal in Las Vegas, so you can take your drink with you, but note that on the Las Vegas strip your drink must be in a plastic cup or container (no glass or aluminum bottles).

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Ride Share in Las Vegas

Save money by ride sharing instead of hiring a taxi or shuttle from the airport. Ride share apps Uber and Lyft are both available in Las Vegas. If you sign up for Uber using my promo code olivial4387ue you’ll get a free ride (up to $20 USD).

Take Advantage of Deal Sites

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without going to a show. Las Vegas features an abundance of concerts, Cirque du Soleil shows, magic shows, and performances. But there’s no need to pay full ticket price! Check deal sites like Groupon,,, and for deals on Las Vegas shows and attractions. Once in Vegas, check out Tix4Tonite kiosks all up and down the Las Vegas strip for same day deals on shows and buffets.

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Avoid the Casino ATMs

Make sure to bring enough folding money with you to Las Vegas. ATM service fees can be steep, especially in the Las Vegas Strip casinos. Expect to pay upwards of $5.00 a pop!

And remember: if you’re gambling, know your limit and stick within it!

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  • We went to Vegas for our first trip a couple of years ago now – it really is unlike anywhere else on earth. I wouldn’t have thought to use Uber while there! Thanks.

  • Great tips!! I have never been to Vegas and to be honest have been a little intimidated by it!! At least now I’ll know how to save some cash 🙂

  • Great tips and information.

    I was just there in April (for the second time) and agree that it’s really expensive! My travelling companion and I (Shayna from Mommy Outside the Box), usually ate breakfast at Walgreens (they have hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and other healthy snacks). Lunch was Sushi (Walgreens), Subway or a salad/meal along the way (the Cheesecake Factory was really affordable and AMAZING!) and dinner was an all out affair with reservations and fancy dresses. You only live once 😉

    We too used Uber or the public transportation system is amazing. $6 for a 24 hour pass and you can even get to (and from) the airport quickly and easily with it.

    Beso Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  • When we first started going to Vegas many moons ago it was a much more reasonable place to go… now though it has become very expensive in comparison. My husband and I started playing so that we can get freebies. It is surprising how fast you can get enough points for a free room and buffets, shows etc., for free! Love it. Thanks!

  • I was in Vegas for the first time in May with a group of girlfriends…we had a wonderful time and I can hardly wait to take my husband. I was lucky enough to find a Groupon before I left home and was able to see some great shows. Thank you for your tips…I’ll take them into account when we return.

  • Amazing post – thanks for the tips! I’ve bookmarked this for my next Vegas trip. Which reminds me… I’m overdue! 🙂

  • Great information! Can’t wait to go again! One thing I would add is to check out local diners for breakfast because they have some great ones and it is cheaper and tastier than hotel or chain restaurants.

  • Thank you for these tips! I will be travelling to Vegas for my very first time in a few months & I need to know as much as possible for how to save money. I never knew the ATM’s there had such high fees, yikes! This is such useful info!

  • When I went we only went to a buffet once, at the Bellagio. I chose the lunchtime once since it was quite a bit cheaper and we saved money there. It was high quality for a good price. And yes, the kiosks are great for saving on shows, we got a great deal to go see the Lion King and it was an amazing show!

  • Informative post.I have been to Las Vegas last year.My trip was to expensive.Thanks for sharing tips.Now i will Kept your tips in my mind before going to Las Vegas.Thanks for the information.Keep sharing.