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7 Reasons Dads Should Babywear

Last year I shared my top reasons to babywear. But you know, babywearing isn’t just for moms. Babywearing is for dads too! Just in time for Father’s Day, I’m sharing 7 reasons why dads should strap on that carrier, put on that pack, tie on that wrap, or shrug on that sling too.

7 Reasons Dads Should Babywear

1. Get Close

Babywearing gets you up close and personal with your baby. No, you can’t breastfeed, but babywearing is a fantastic way to bond with and experience the benefits of physical touch with your baby. Kangaroo care (skin-to-skin contact in a wrap) helps regulate your newborn baby’s temperature, especially in cases of prematurity, and has been proven to increase survival rates among premie and low birth weight babies.

Just like with moms, cuddling your baby increases oxytoxin levels. Oxytoxin, sometimes called the love hormone, reduces anxiety, promotes attachment, and helps dad feel more empathetic and connected. Babywearing isn’t just for newborns though; older babies and toddlers crave closeness with Dad too!

2. Babies Cry Less

Who enjoys a crying baby? Nobody, that’s who! Babies who are worn regularly cry less and sleep better, not just in the carrier but at night too. Everybody wins.

#2 Reason Dads Should Babywear - Babies cry less when worn in a carrier

Joachim Crying” by Tatiana Vdb is licensed under CC BY 2.0

3. Go Hands Free

Go hands free without the bluetooth! When you’re wearing your baby, you can run errands easier, play with your other kids in the park, make dinner, vacuum, or play some Dark Souls 2 or Mario Kart even.

4. For the Convenience

Baby carriers are so convenient. Just throw Junior on your back and run out the door. No need to pack and unfold the stroller, no need to carry the stroller up and down the stairs or search for an elevator, and your trunk just got more cargo space.

5. Collect (Sexy) Brownie Points

Help a mommy out. Give us a chance once in a while to walk unencumbered with children. Plus we’ll think you’re sexy. Double sexy points if you carry your preschooler on your shoulders at the same time.

#5 Reason Dads Should Babywear - Brownie points!

6. Get Your Exercise

Babywearing is a workout too! Walking around with a 10, 15, 20, or even 30 pound weight strapped to your chest or your back will do wonders for your core and back muscles and help with weight loss. In a conventional workout plan, you’d start with lighter weights and slowly increase the weight over time. Guess who else does that? That’s right – your growing baby!

Start wearing your baby as a newborn and by the time she’s a toddler you’ll be stronger and leaner. For legs of steel, do some lunges or deep squats. Looking for a real challenge? Try doing chin ups with your toddler strapped on your back.

7. Be a Trendsetter

Here’s a partial list of celebrity dads who’ve been spotted wearing their babies: Orlando Bloom (seen here with son Flynn in an Ergobaby), Brad Pitt (here with son Knox in a BabyBjorn), Channing Tatum, Neil Patrick Harris, Peter Dinklage, Liev Schreiber, Gavin Rossdale, Ethan Hawke, Peter Sarsgaard, Pete Wentz, Cam Gigandet, Steve Nash, Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Kiedis, Alexis Denisof, and Ian Ziering. You’ll be in good company!


Tell me, does your guy babywear? Anything to add to this list?

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  • For the short time that we did baby wear, he loved it. But our babies were heavy and they didn’t last long as they always hit the weight limit too quick.

    • Some carriers go up to 40-45 pounds, but I don’t see myself carrying a 5 year old around. 😛 My oldest pretty much quit when she was two and a half, once her little sister came along.

      • My 18 month old was just under 35 lbs, she’s now almost 22 months and I’m a little afraid to find out her weight now. lol.
        Although she could have lost a little being so active and running now,

  • My husband loved using the Ergo with our girl, he probably still would use it, but was in a car accident and injured his shoulder (had surgery) and he can’t babywear again, yet. Maybe he’ll be better by our next little one 🙂

  • My husband wore my firstborn once and he hated it, ha ha. He will wear them on hikes in the big hiking backpack though.

  • I would add a twist to your number one – Dads love the cuddles, too!

    My husband was daunted by my woven wrap, but once we got a soft sided carrier, he tried it. Since that first time, he wears our daughter every time we’re out; I only wear her when he’s at work. He loves the feeling of cuddling with her, without having to figure out how to position her (when she was tiny, he was nervous, now, there are arms and legs that move a lot!). It’s awfully convenient to hug her when she’s attached to you.

  • Thanks for the awesome post, Olivia!! Will definitely be sharing this with my amazing husband. We are expecting our little man come mid August and have registered for the Moby Wrap and an Ergobaby carrier. Thankfully my husband has greatly warmed up to the idea of using the Ergobaby carrier.

  • My husband is really excited to babywear. Our baby is only a couple of weeks old and we haven’t ventured out much yet, but I can see that we’ll fight for who gets to wear her!

  • I didn’t know that babies slept better through the night when they are carried more! Loving that! Already plan on baby wearing – just need to get a good soft-structured carrier….

  • I always found they were safer in the stroller,I remember seeing a young Mother fall on the sidewalk while carrying her baby,thanks god the baby was ok just a scratches.

  • This is very true i think guys looks handsome rocking babywear and holding kids. Just moms and get that special bond with there baby when there pregnant. The men should also have a bond with there child outside the womb