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5 Reasons to Babywear

“Hi, my name is Olivia, and I’m a babywearing addict.”

Okay, first let’s get past the term “babywearing”. I know it’s an odd way to describe carrying your baby, but the term’s caught on and we probably won’t change it now.

I had a Beco Butterfly II with my first baby and we used it fairly regularly, but I really fell in love with babywearing once I had two kids. When I was pregnant with my second I practiced my wrapping skills so I’d be ready when she came along. I wore Kay in my Snuggy Baby Wrap pretty much everywhere from the very beginning, and it was a sad day when she outgrew it. We moved back to the Beco (and then a couple of months later I won a Boba 4G carrier!) and all was well again.

5 Reasons to Babywear | This West Coast Mommy

There are many reasons to babywear. Here are my personal top five reasons:

1. I have two kids.

I have a three year old and a one year old. The easiest way to keep up with my preschooler is to wear the baby. I wear Kay when we play outside or we walk up to the local playground. If I didn’t wear the baby, I’d have to spend all my time supervising her and I wouldn’t be able to play with the older one. This way, I can supervise and play with both my girls.

5 Reasons to Babywear | This West Coast Mommy

2. I’m a stay at home mom.

I need to do things around my house, like dishes and laundry and vacuuming. Wearing my baby lets me get to things like that. If I didn’t wear her in a carrier, I’d never get anything done and my house would be in even worse shape than it already is.

3. I think strollers can be a pain in the butt.

Strollers are big and bulky, don’t corner anywhere near as well as I do, and require a fairly smooth solid surface to roll on. Once you step out of a mall concourse, strollers become really inconvenient. Ever notice those poor moms pushing their Humvee strollers at the kid swap, taking out the display stands and people’s knees left and right? Not for me, thanks. Plus a stroller takes up half the room in the trunk, space I could be using for groceries.

5 Reasons to Babywear | This West Coast Mommy

Can’t go pumpkin picking with a stroller!

4. I prefer the quiet.

All babies cry, but they cry less when they’re being held or worn. ‘Nuff said.

5. I love the closeness.

There’s just something special about having my little one held close to me with her head right there in perfect kissing range. I often lean over just far enough to brush my lips across her forehead and take a quick sniff of her baby smell. Is it weird that I like to smell her fuzzy little head? Don’t tell me if it is. I won’t stop anyway. And when she falls asleep with her cheek resting against my chest, I melt a little.

5 Reasons to Babywear | This West Coast Mommy
Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you wear your baby? Why or why not?

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    • Your boys are pretty close in age to my girls. Once your youngest starts crawling/walking, I bet you’ll love babywearing even more! I couldn’t imagine trying to wrangle a stroller, luggage, and a preschooler through a busy airport!

  • I am a “babywearing” mom and I only have the a 9 month old, but I find wearing her easier. She loves being held and it’s the only way I can get anything done in my house or at a store. Otherwise she just wants to grab everything!

  • My hubby and I were baby-wearers (is that a word) before we knew there was such a thing. It seemed very natural and the whole family enjoyed it! Thanks for the additional information!

    • You’re right – it is natural! Some form of babywearing is found in just about every culture. Props to your hubby – mine likes wearing the kids too!

  • I totally agree with each of these points! Babywearing makes our lives sooo much easier! I am expecting #2 in March and my kids will be exactly 24 months (if not exactly 365 days.. eek!) apart and I’ve already begun re-evaluating the way I wore my daughter when she was a newborn. I have a Moby wrap but I didn’t know about the kangaroo wrap (just did the normal criss-cross) and that just never felt as secure as I would have wanted it for such a small baby.

    These days for my 19.5 lb 18month old – the Ergo and ring slings work great!

    On a side note, nice to see a West coaster mama – even if you are in Canada 😉 I’m in the Seattle area, but have been to Vancouver many many times.

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can’t speak to the kangaroo hold. I just used a modified criss-cross with baby’s legs pulled up (froggy-style). It always felt secure to me, but I always instinctively put a hand on her back when I bent down. When you have two littles so close in age, you’ll definitely enjoy your wrap/carriers even more.
      We like to visit Seattle too! Fisherman’s Wharf is always a fun little road trip. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I think your number one reason resonates the strongest with me, since I have toddlers, too. It would be impossible for me to keep up with them in public without my baby secure in the sling!

  • I LOVE babywearing! Yes to everything you said! So many moms who’ve never tried it seem to think it must be harder than just pushing a stroller – but unless I’m walking five miles or something on a nice, flat, paved road, strollers are THE WORST. I can’t stand them! Add to that ours doesn’t even fit into our teeny tiny vehicle, and I almost never use the stupid thing! And it’s great being able to keep up with my toddler and give lots of kisses to my little guy at the same time 🙂

    • There are so many different types of baby carriers out there. There really is one to fit every body type and baby! I’m sure you could find the perfect one for you if you were interested.

  • I love wearing my 3 month old daughter for the same reasons… Its the only way the dishwasher gets emptied, the house gets vacuumed and the laundry gets folded. Plus, she loves it! She’s close to Mommy and has a view from the top! I’ve been wearing her since she was 2 months old and finally made the 8lb weight requirement. We use ‘Seven Sling’ ring sling daily and the ‘Moby Wrap’ for longer outings like street festivals and parties. I think that is why she is such a good sleeper and has slept through the night since 8 weeks. Love that fuzzy head scent too!

  • I LOVED my Maya Wrap. From newborne to toddler, best evar! Hands free, and easy! I could nurse them with no one seeing, I could lay them down for a nap and it was like a sleeping bag, I could pick them up just as easily and carrying them on my back was awesomeness when I was gardening!

  • I agree with all of these! Mine are 1 and 3 as well. Or for walks I wear one and put the other in the stroller. We never bothered buying a double stroller since we’ve never needed it. If I could add a sixth to your post, it would be special outings like hikes and comic con (I rocked my son in a Spock sleeper and a handmade Star Trek carrier for last year’s 50th anniversary of Star Trek!!)