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5 Reasons I’m Jealous of My Toddler

The idea for this post started with an offhand comment on my Facebook page. I posted about an insanely cute My Little Pony pal that Kay got for her birthday, and a reader joked that she was now jealous of a toddler.

That made me smile because it’s not the first time I’ve had this thought. My kids have way cooler toys than I ever did! And then I started thinking about all the other reasons I’m jealous of my toddler. Here’s my list. What’s yours?

1.  Afternoon Naps

I can’t tell you how much I want to just close my eyes and drift off to sleep next to my toddler when I put her down for her nap. But no, I’ve got my older kid to pay attention to, and dinner to make, and dishes to wash, and toys to pick up, and… everything.

5 Reasons I'm Jealous of My Toddler

2.  Free Room, Board, and 24 Hour Butler Service

When you’re a toddler, every need is catered to around the clock. You don’t need to do anything other than look cute. No job, no mortgage, no grocery bills, no chores. You have a personal maid, chef, chauffeur, and all around beast of burden. If you don’t like what your chef makes, pout and she’ll make you something different. Wet the bed at 3 in the morning? Somebody will take care of that for you. Tired of walking? Let me carry you!

5 Reasons I'm Jealous of My Toddler

3.  Everything is Awesome!

Toddlers are never bored. Yes, mine has tons of toys, but half the time my shoes are the best toy ever. Or a plastic cup, a toilet paper tube, a rock, her toes… Yes, going to the playground is fun, but so is sliding down Daddy’s legs or hanging upside down. Toddlers see the fun and excitement in everything and appreciate things the way I only wish I could!

5 Reasons I'm Jealous of My Toddler

4.  Comfortable in Her Own Skin

No toddler anywhere ever worried about her weight or how she looked in her jeans. Does this diaper make my butt look big? (We use cloth diapers, so the answer is yes. Oh my, so cute and fluffy, yes!)

5 Reasons I'm Jealous of My Toddler

5.  The Centre of Attention

When you’re a toddler you’re the centre of attention. Yes, babies get a lot of coos and cuddles too, but when you’re a toddler an entire room of grown-ups will watch you say that super cute thing you say, or make those Darth Vader breathing noises, or whatever that super cute thing is that you do.

5 Reasons I'm Jealous of My Toddler

Let’s face it. The bar is pretty low when you’re a toddler. I have to do something pretty extraordinary just to get a “Good job!” and I can’t remember the last time I got a round of applause from my whole family. My toddler? She gets a standing ovation when she pees on the potty or counts from 1 to 10.

So other than sitting in poop, teething, and having an older sister who snatches your toys, life as a toddler is pretty sweet!

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  • 5 very good reasons! I’d add one more…being pushed in a stroller/wagon all the time lol. I’m jealous of that.

  • My kids have way cooler toys than I ever did! Yep, and my kids tell me their kids have much cooler toys than they ever had too! What ever happened to the saucepan/or metal dish and a wooden spoon as a toy?