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10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Preschooler

Hubs and I have a dinner date lined up this Saturday – without kids thank you very much! Of course Valentine’s Day is traditionally for couples, but my kids really get into it too. My four-year-old has been doing tons of Valentine’s Day crafts and activities at preschool, and she’s crossing off the days on her little calendar. Even my two-year-old knows something is afoot, possibly having to do with hearts and cookies. So for them, here are some ideas for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the toddler and preschool crowd too.

1.  Read A Valentine’s Day Book

Snuggle up and read some books about love. This list should help you get started.

Snuggle up and read some books together all about love

2.  Make Valentines Together

Make homemade valentines for the family. Grab some card stock, red and pink crayons, paint, paper doilies, sequins, heart stamps, seasonal stickers, and whatever else you have around and set your kid’s creativity loose!

3.  Watch Valentine’s Day Specials

While there aren’t anywhere near as many as there are for Christmas, there are a few Valentine’s Day TV specials and movies to be found. Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You is one of our favourites, and A Charlie Brown Valentine and Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown can still be found on DVD or streaming on Amazon Prime.

Valentine's Day movies


4.  Organize a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Hunt

Hey, why should Easter get all the hunting fun? It’s so easy to organize a Valentine’s Day chocolate hunt. Hide Hershey’s kisses around the house, give each child a little basket, and set them loose. I make our chocolate hunts interactive and less frustrating for the younger set by giving hot and cold clues while they’re searching.

5.  Make (and Eat!) Valentine’s Day Cookies

Bake and decorate heart shaped sugar cookies together. Even the littlest toddlers can help put sprinkles on, and older kids can help make the cookies themselves.

Decorating cookies

6.  Have a Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Throw a Valentine’s Day tea party with the aforementioned heart shaped cookies and some pink lemonade.

Valentine's Day cookies


7.  Fancy Dress

Dress up all in pink or red for the afternoon. Be creative with clothing and your accessories to get this bright Valentine’s Day look.

8.  Think of Others

Share the spirit of love and charity by doing something kind for someone else. Surprise an elderly neighbour living alone with some flowers or chocolates, or drop off a donation at your local food bank. Role modeling is one of the best ways of passing along your values to your children.

Surprise an elderly neighbour with a Valentine's Day present

9.  Go for a Valentine’s Day Walk

If the weather permits, go for a walk together. This is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the busy everyday tasks that can get in the way of really appreciating family time together. Explore your neighbourhood hand in hand and look for things that remind you of Valentine’s Day or love. See if you can spot a heart-shaped rock, two trees entwined, or some early flowers.

10. “I Love You!”

Learn how to say, “I love you!” in another language.

Learn how to say I love you in another language


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  • Stopping by from This is How We Roll link party. I really like this list! Especially #8, thinking about others…such a good way to start our young children off on the right foot! Thanks for sharing!

  • Such great ideas. We already made valentines, but my Valentine’s Day creativity ran out after that. Thanks for helping me out. 😉

  • What a great list of ways to celebrate this sweet holiday! Thanks for linking to the This is How We Roll Link Party! Your post has been pinned and I can’t wait to see what you bring next week!

  • I discovered you with the sheep buddy giveaway but love your blog. I’m also a social worker and have a 13 month old so you’ve got lots of posts relevant to me. Thanks so much!

  • What great ideas! Thinking of including the chocolate hunt in our kiddos’ Valentine’s Day party this Tuesday. Thanks for the ideas!

  • The sugar cookies would be an awesome treat for the kids and especially if they help, and then the search for the chocolate kisses, makes for an awesome day!